Portland woman receives national attention for weight loss – The Portland Sun

Posted: August 29, 2020 at 7:56 am

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A 1989 Portland High School graduate was featured on the nationally televised Tamron Hall Show featuring her successful weight loss journey, and she was on the Aug. 10 cover of Womans World Magazine along with her story inside.

Chellie Matchinske Beck began a weight loss program in October of 2018 and has lost 112 pounds using Dr. Steven Gundrys Plant Paradox program which she originally saw on the TV program The Doctors. The diet features eating foods low in lectin.

Beck had always tried to eat healthy, but while she was trying to eat gluten free and drinking water rather than sodas and sweet tea, she continued to gain weight.

When she went to her doctor, he assured her that her weight gain was normal for her age. He told her that various things were occurring that affected her such as her age, the environment, hormones and preservatives in foods.

Not only was she gaining weight, she was having other health issues. She had no energy and her body ached. She couldnt climb steps or carry her grandson to bed after rocking him to sleep. It took a trip to the hospital with high blood pressure to help her realize that she could do something about her health.

During that time, Gundrys interview on TV kept popping into her head, and at the same time, posts about him and the Plant Paradox program would appear on her Facebook page. She felt she was being directed to the program, and she is passionate about showing her gratitude to God for leading her to the program.

According to Beck she turned to Gundrys Plant Paradox program and it changed her life. She lost 70 pounds in the first four months. She credits the program with clearing her body of inflammation from the inside out. In addition, she says her skin has become healthier than it has ever been.

She said she could feel the healing process as it was occurring. She was gaining more energy and she was able to be more active. She says she can out play her 5-year-old grandson now. She sees the program as a life style change.

Beck sent her testimony and pictures to an email address hoping it would get to Gundry because she wanted him to know how thankful she was for his program and how it had changed her life.

To her surprise, the email went directly to him and he contacted her. Her testimony led to national recognition that she did not seek; however, she uses it as an opportunity given her to help others.

Becks story and pictures of her success are on her Instagram page titled Notafraidoffifty, which has resulted in many people contacting her with one as far away as Sydney, Australia.

She said she feels she is on a spiritual journey to help others. As she becomes a cheerleader for them, she shares personal success stories for encouragement. One of her favorites is telling them about saving the dress she wore when she graduated from high school because her husband always liked it.

According to Beck, the dress is actually a little big on her now that she is in a size 6-8 dress and size 4 jeans. In addition, she shares her motto with them - Be your best you for your best day and be your best you for your worst day.

I am very thankful for God leading me to Dr. Gundry, Beck said.

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Portland woman receives national attention for weight loss - The Portland Sun

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