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Cameron Bennett Founder and CEO

For over 30 years Cameron Bennett has devoted his career to developing relationships with the mortgage industries most talented and respected professionals. Today, many of these men and women operate, or own and operate, some of the most successful mortgage companies in the industry.

Cameron has always been a visionary with entrepreneurial instincts. His first endeavor while still in high school was to successfully operate a small lawn care business. After attending college, Cameron recognized the growth potential of the mortgage banking segment of the financial services industry and became a recruiter and then manager at one of the top mortgage banking executive search firms in the nation. As he refined his entrepreneurial spirit, he went on to found his own executive search firm, Corporate Resources Group (CRG), in Orlando, Florida. As CRG grew and flourished in the industry, Cameron went on to co-found a billion-dollar mortgage banking company

During his successful career assisting mortgage professionals find their niche, Cameron recognized an important fact; while talented and hardworking managers are a critical part of any companys success, it is only by acquiring other successful companies that his clients could make rapid strides in exponentially growing the size of their companies.

As a result of this realization, Cameron established a new division within CRG which concentrates on helping companies seek out and then acquire other successful companies which have outstanding personnel and cultures. This division works closely with entrepreneurs who have grown successful mortgage companies and who have reached the point where they are ready to execute an exit strategy. This division focuses on the sale and acquisition of companies from 100 million dollars to 4 billion dollars in production.

Camerons many years as an owner and operator of a successful executive recruiting firm as well as other successful companies has given Cameron insight into the needs of companies, both large and small, in relation to managing and growing companies.

Camerons playbook has always included optimism and a passion for what he was doing. He is always questioning how things can be done better. In considering the possibilities of any particular move, he measures the risks and then takes the calculated steps to execute and deliver. In this he pushes the boundaries of individuals and companies and challenges each and every person to bring their best.

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Corporate Resources Group | We ... - We Facilitate Success

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