Davos Financial: The Personal Touch – Interview in The New Europe Magazine

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The following interview appeared in the June-July edition of The New Europe magazine:

In the current economic climate the importance of working with a financial advisor has taken renewed importance.

Davos Financial Group is an independent advisor offering clients a universal range of products and services to make safe and transparent investment. The New Europe spoke to the Wealth Management team, David Osio (CEO), Gustavo Rivas (VP Asset Management) and Leopoldo Martinez (Davos Consulting), to find out more about the Davos methodology and strategic approach.

The New Europe: How can the risk management strategies Davos Financial Group provides enable clients to mitigate risk in their investment choices?

Davos Financial: The risk management model provided by Davos Financial Group guarantees transparency and a differentiating factor based on diversification and optimisation of investment strategies. This model evaluates return on investment expectations in terms of customers' interests. Based on different portfolio limitations, placement of financial assets can be made either with the highest return expectations or with the minimum risk levels, utilising a universal range of products and services available in the current financial market. Additional to this main advantage, Davos Financial Group, also enables clients to consolidate the appraisals of multiple investment portfolios, providing a unique, complete and exact understanding of the current financial summary of the placement of their financial assets. The diversifications, optimisation and consolidation factors also assist our clients in structuring a professional decision-making platform including: 1) Advise in the preparation of strategic investment models by using structured scenarios with the widest range of asset types. 2) Assistance in the active/passive decision-making process as well as in the definition of protection policies for currency fluctuations.

TNE: Davos Financial Group has a well-established international presence. How can the service you provide benefit high-net worth clients who wish to expand their business operations internationally?

DF: The international presence allows our customers to network in different jurisdictions, structuring their business under a legal and financial umbrella that ensures the efficiency of its results according to the different locations where we are providing all our services. Davos Financial Group assists to take a step forward toward what may be the international expansion of the business of any client.

TNE: How can the Trust services Davos Financial Group provides, enable more efficient estate and tax planning for clients?

DF: Davos Financial Group, through its subsidiary company Davos Trust Limited, can provide Trustee Services under New Zealand Foreign Trust Law. Among several tax and estate planning advantages, these services allow our clients to control assets or companies situated in different jurisdictions around the world while providing a tax efficient asset protection and planned succession mechanism, with all the advantages offered by New Zealand favourable tax treatment of foreign trusts, and its Tax Treaties Network. According to New Zealand Law, a foreign trust will not be taxed on income or gains of foreign source, nor will it be subject to estate taxes. On the other hand, with appropriate structuring, the trustee will qualify under most limitations of benefit provisions provided by the OECD Model Tax Treaties.

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Davos Financial: The Personal Touch – Interview in The New Europe Magazine

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