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Youth development and activities : What is youth development?

Pakyong , 19 Feb : Youth development is a procedure which prepares a young mind to meet the hurdles of adolescence and adulthood and reach his/her full potential. Youth development is encouragement through activities and experiences that help youth develop social, emotional, physical, and cognitive capabilities. There are different areas where youth development can be focused and probable outcomes can be generated.

In workingrelated area where intended outcomes can be demonstrated when there is skill in work readiness and awareness of options for future employment, Looking for a good career option, and completion of educational requirements basic involvement in training that climaxes in a specific opportunity for career advancement, involvement in meaningful work that offers satisfaction, and self-sufficiency, Positive attitude about ones ability and future in working in a particular place and to learn and grow.

Suggested activities could include a good internship, work experience including summer jobs or projects, network forming activities, mock interviews, visits from representatives of specific industries to speak to youth participants about the employment opportunities A career goal can be set and planned, various workshops pertaining to job coaching or mentoring, learning activities using computers and other new workplace technologies.

In learningrelated area one should observe basic aptitude in math and reading, problem solving, ability to think analytically toward a positive outcome, logical reasoning, ability to regulate ones own skills and areas of weakness or need for further education and training, should process sense of creativity.

Suggested activities could include initial and ongoing career/ vocational assessment, formal and informal, Identification of ones learning styles, strengths, and challenges, Creation of a personal development plan, learning activities such as service-learning projects in which youth apply academic skills to community needs, Showcasing of work that highlights a youths learning experience an essay, painting, an exam, etc, forming of a learning plan that includes long and short term goals and action steps, group problem-solving activities, preparation classes for various competitive exams, teaching activities that enhance the skills of the tutor as well as the student.

In succeedingrelated area one should understand growth and development as both an objective and a personal sign of physical and emotional maturation. He/she should possess practice of good nutrition and hygiene and exercise. Ability to independently assess situations and environments capacity to identify and avoid risky situations and activities at all cost, ability to learn from various situations and avoid them in the future, and being confident and knowing ones self worth.

Suggested activities can include workshops on benefits and consequences of various health, hygiene, and human development issues, including physical, emotional and cognitive development training in conflict management, life skills and resolution touching family, peer, work life balance, workplace relationships, community researching to create a resources related to physical and mental health, food planning and preparation activities and other social activities that offer opportunities to practice skills in communication, negotiation, and personality presentation, also sports and other recreational activities.

In Connectingrelated area one could ensure quality relationships with adults and colleagues, interpersonal skills such as ability to build trust, handle conflict, value differences, could be an active listener, and efficient communication, sense of belonging, valuing and being valued by others, being a part of a group, could possess the ability to empathize with others, have ones own identity apart from and in relation to others, knowledge of and ability to seek out resources in the community, ability to develop personal and professional relationships, to motivate others, to share power and distribute tasks, ability to work as with a team, to resolve conflicts to create and communicate a vision.

Suggested activities could include workshops in public speaking, research on historical or current leaders, contact with local leaders, planning to change something in the community or within the youth program.

In leadingrelated area could include ability to motivate others could have the ability to share power and distribute tasks, to work with a team, to resolve conflicts, to create and communicate a vision, to manage change and value continuous improvement.

Suggested activities could include mediation resolution training, workshops in team dynamicsand in project management.

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