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Posted: September 19, 2020 at 3:54 am

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A job might also help you if you are feeling the mental effects of having left home combined with the disappointment of starting university in semi-lockdown. Alister Gray, life coach and founder of Mindful Talent, says that some level of anxiety is to be expected, and that applies this term more than ever.

Thats true when you start anything new or experience change, says Gray. For some this will be heightened, but either way, acknowledging the feeling is the first step. And, he points out, remind yourself, you are not the only one. All your peers will be feeling some level of stress.

Most universities were already committed to enhancing their mental health provision through Universities UKs Stepchange programme, which advocates a whole-university approach to mental health, so that wellbeing becomes part of the curriculum as well an issue of pastoral care. Some have built on that by making sure that support was accessible remotely, and offering Covid-specific resources to students and staff.

But individuals can support their own mental health too. As you enter university, things will become more clear, Gray explains. Youll meet your peers and start the course itself. Then if you experience a moment of doubt why did I do this course, will I ever make friends? go back to the moment that you filled in your Ucas form and remind yourself of that moment of excitement. That will ground you, he says. and remind you of why you chose your path.

Still feeling anxious? Then dont bottle up those feelings. See who you can speak to, says Gray. whether that be your peers, tutors, family or professional support. Its not a weakness to ask for help.

It can help, he says, also, to think about balance making sure that you schedule in some time every week, in among the studying and social life, to do something that makes you feel good. That could be a walk, meditation or finding a mentor or coach.

Crucially, says Gray, consider your values. That may sound stuffy, but take time to reflect on who you are and what matters to you. Ask yourself, what is important to me? What would make this year successful?

It might be a very different experience to the one that older siblings or parents enjoyed when they were students, but we can only play the cards we are dealt.

And, rest assured, everyone Ive spoken to is convinced that the class of 2020 will look back on their university years as a stimulating, rewarding, exciting and life-enhancing time.

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What university will really be like for the class of 2020 (and there's plenty to be excited about) - Telegraph.co.uk

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