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Grae Gosnell has been hanging around the Wando volleyball program since elementary school.

Warriors coach Alexis Glover first noticed her wild, flowing hair. It fit her personality. She was small then but already fierce. Energy flowed from her, even at a young age. She came from a strong pedigree with two older sisters whod matriculated through the Warriors program.

If they could just harness that spirit, Glover thought, the youngest Gosnell might be the best yet.

She knew before she even joined our program that the expectations around here are very high, Glover said. And especially for her, having been around us so much. She knew what was expected of her and she lived up to it.

Wandos Grae Gosnell is The Post and Couriers high school volleyball player of the year.

Gosnell has been selected as the 2020 Best of Prep Sports Volleyball Player of the Year, an honor presented by the Moultrie News and the Charleston Gaillard Center.

The Indiana signee logged nearly 1,400 kills in her four-year varsity career. Wando went 182-26-2, winning 87% of its games along with three Lower State championships over that span.

Gosnell finished her senior season ranked second among all S.C. High School League players in total kills. She was named all-state, the most valuable player of the North-South all-star game and received all-American honors from multiple publications this fall.

She was so competitive. Checkers, a relay race, three-on-three, it didnt matter. She wanted to win, Glover said. Shes worked so hard. When she got here, she wanted to kill the ball every time. Kill it, kill it, kill it. Now she has different tools in her arsenal that have taken her from a very good player to an outstanding player.

The Moultrie News established the Best of Prep Sports Awards two years ago as a way to further celebrate the top athletes of East Cooper and its surrounding areas.

The current health crisis and social distancing concerns have forced the paper to change how it presented this years honorees. There will not be an event, no dinner party, no emcees and guest speakers as in years passed.

Instead, with the help of the Gaillard, each winner will be featured in the paper with their own question-and-answer exit interview. Each athlete has been given seven questions and the freedom to express their thoughts and reflect on their seasons as they see fit.

Our staff, fellow media and area coaches have selected one athlete from each of the 12 sports that were completed this school year to be featured.Athletes from Academic Magnet, Ashley Hall, Bishop England, First Baptist, Oceanside, Palmetto Christian, Philip Simmons, Porter-Gaud and Wando were all considered.

Interviews have been edited for clarity.

Wando senior Grae Gosnell has signed with Indiana.

A. High school sports have been very valuable to me and my personal development because they have taught me a bunch of different life skills like teamwork, cooperation, passion and so much more. It has taught me how to flourish with those I get along well with and cooperate with those that I might not. They taught me to be respectful and considerate, and how to trust teammates as if they were my family. Ive learned to fight through adversity like injuries and losses, and found a way to keep my head up when things dont go my way. They have taught me how to work well in groups but also how to be responsible and independent. I believe high school sports are valuable to the communitys youth because they teach kids the things that classroom curriculums can not.

A. There are definitely many great lessons that I have come across throughout the years, but one of the greatest things that I have learned was that if you try your hardest, it doesnt matter if you win or lose, just be proud of the work and effort youve given and be grateful for the opportunity to play.

A. I think the strongest attributing factor to my success as a high school athlete was the fact that I have wanted to play professional and college volleyball since I was little. I have wanted to play against the best of the best and I knew that I would have to push myself if I wanted to be considered one of them. I have believed in perseverance and persistence, everything else can be taught.

A. The toughest challenge of my high school career was the adversity of injuries. Sitting out and not having any opportunity to get in to play is never fun. On the bright side, youre able to see a whole new perspective of the game by watching, that you cant see when youre playing.

A. My favorite memories from my high school athletic career were probably the home games. Away games are fun but when you are home and your friends and family come to see you play there is a different kind of motivation and it makes you play for them. There is no one you want to make proud more than your friends and family, so seeing their faces while playing such an amazing sport is absolutely the best combination.

A. If I could replay any moment of my high school career it would be my sophomore year at the state finals when the other team had game point. I looked at the crowd to my family and I saw every single one of them cheering me on and believing in me regardless of if I won or lost. In that moment I realized that I should be proud of me and my teammates, no matter the outcome. We had worked ourselves so hard and pushed ourselves to the limit. That feeling of love and support during that critical time, was one of the best feelings I have ever felt.

A. The advice that I would give to the youth would simply be to believe in yourself. Dont let others tell you what you can and can not achieve, only you can determine that. You dont always have to be better than someone else, you just have to be better than the you you were yesterday. Be extraordinary and thankful for every day.

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Wando's Gosnell named Best of Prep Sports Volleyball Player of the Year - Charleston Post Courier

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