WAC Certifies Funambol Personal Cloud App for Major Carriers Worldwide

Posted: May 17, 2012 at 1:14 am

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FOSTER CITY, CA--(Marketwire -05/16/12)- Funambol, the leading provider of white-label personal cloud solutions for mobile providers, today announced the launch of its Android app with in-app upgrades using operator billing by the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC). The app allows customers to instantly purchase cloud storage upgrades by tapping a button on their smartphone or tablet for inclusion on their mobile bill. The in-app upgrade enabled by WAC makes it instant for people to acquire more cloud storage at the moment of need, eliminating the use of a credit card or other payment means. Carriers currently utilizing the WAC Payment API include AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Korea Telecom, SK Telecom and Telenor.

"Funambol demonstrated that the WAC billing API can very easily be integrated into any app," said Paul Kenny, WAC VP of Business Development. "By integrating the WAC API, Funambol has instant access to the WAC carrier membership community, without having to work independently with all of those carriers."

The benefit to carriers is they can instantly make the Funambol personal cloud service available to users and gain revenue-sharing, as the app is integrated with their billing. This makes the user experience seamless, encouraging adoption, increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn.

"Funambol is thrilled to announce our newest personal cloud app with support for operator billing from tier-1 carriers globally," said Amit Chawla, Funambol CEO. "Funambol's access to operator billing will streamline app purchase and billing for hundreds of millions of users."

About WACThe Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) is an open global alliance made up of leading communications companies including network operators, device and network equipment manufacturers. WAC is committed to making it easier for developers to innovate by using operator network APIs delivered by a single cross-operator API platform. Concentrating in Asia for now, WAC also supports a HTML5 based application platform. WAC's payment API delivers a simple, safe and easy-to-use payment experience for customers across both fixed and mobile networks that helps drive conversion rates and repeat purchases. WAC centralizes the development, testing and submission process and allows developers to reach potentially millions of customers worldwide with unified terms and conditions that covers all WAC member operators. See http://www.wacapps.net for more information.

About FunambolFunambol is the leading provider of white-label personal cloud solutions for mobile providers. Funambol solutions have been deployed by many of the top companies in mobile, including operators, device makers and Internet portals. For more information, visit http://www.funambol.com.

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WAC Certifies Funambol Personal Cloud App for Major Carriers Worldwide

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