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Each of the Too Hot To Handle contestants experienced personal growth in their own way, but some of them matured more than others on the retreat.

(Some cast members are omitted for lack of presence.)

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Harry came onto the show and immediately fell into a romance with bombshell Francesca Farago. But many have questioned the legitimacy of this romance. To start, Harry and Francesca both displayed no respect for Lana's rules. Both contestants pounced on each other at will. Additionally, Harry displayed chicken-like behavior by throwing his romantic interest under the bus after HE initiated a kiss with her. Despite reports that 'Hancesca' seemed to be going steady post-show, now it appears Harry has resumed his playboy behavior. Reports surfaced that he had a secret girlfriend while he and Francesca had split, and there has been a link to Harry to Madison Wyborny. Accordingly, that romance has also ended amid rumors that Harry couldn't stop flirting with other girls. Needless to say, Harry has yet to learn the art of Lana.

Haley was the first contestant to be kicked offToo Hot Too Handle. That should speak volumes towards her personal development in itself. While on the show, Haley was belligerent to all of the other contestants. Well, everyone aside from friend and sidekick Francesca Farago. Her season tipping point occurred when Haley and Francesca hatched a plan to screw the other contestants over by sharing a steamy kiss. Throughout the show, Haley frankly seemed like she didn't want to be there. But it's understandable considering that she is a recent college graduate. In retrospect, Lana should check in on Haley, maybe in 10 years.

Madison entered the show late in the season and never really grasped what the show was all about. She appeared disinterested during the show's female empowerment classes and frankly scoffed at the show's attempt at rehabilitating the contestants. This culminated in her eventual removal from the show. Since then, she appears to have dated Harry briefly. But who could blame her? The casting of Madison was an unbelievably unorganized effort by the show and to expect her to immediately assimilate was downright asinine. Despite this, in hindsight, Madison is a good candidate for a rehabilitation attempt in season two.

Like Madison, Kori was another newcomer late in the show that didn't seem to assimilate. Originally, he began a romantic fling with Chloe Veitch. But fans soon learned Kori's true nature. While leading Chloe on, Kori's real interest proved to be stealing Francesca Farago from supposed friend Harry Jowsey. After this attempt proved unsuccessful, Chloe ended their relationship emotionally. This culminated in Kori being kicked off the show along with fellow castmate Madison. But much like Madison being cast so late in the show, there was little hope for Kori. Although conversely, he may not be the type of personality that can be rehabilitated.

Francesca was the biggest rule-breaker on the show. She committed multiple infractions between contestants Harry and Haley. Additionally, she also had a close call in the shower with contestant Kelz Dyke. After a spat with Harry, she instead pursued contestant Kelz in an obvious attempt to make Harry jealous. She then screwed the group over intentionally by kissing Haley and manipulated the group by blaming the unknown rule break on Sharron and Rhonda. To make matters worse, she also entertained a dinner date with Kori while supposedly in a meaningful romance with Harry. Despite these facts, Francesca did exhibit some instances of self-control as the show progressed. For example, on her dinner date she made the hard choice to reject Kori flat out. She also helped win cash back for the group in an exclusive challenge that tested Harry and Francesca's ability to not touch each other for one night. Needless to say, despite Francesca's mistakes her progress was evident towards the end.

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Chloe Veitch came on the show to not have short term romantic flings and ended up having short term romantic flings. Originally, she engaged in a romance with David Birtwistle, but this ended quickly after Chloe realized what she described as "no spark." Next, Chloe fell for newcomer Bryce Hirschberg. Yet again this relationship ended when Chloe wasn't feeling it. Finally, Chloe met her attractive match, show bad boy Kori Sampson. Unfortunately, this relationship ended harshly with Kori attempting to sidestep Chloe to make a run at Francesca. To make matters worse, Chloe appeared to stop liking each of her romantic interests whenever they began showing interest in her. This is what eventually made her so attracted to Kori. He obviously couldn't care less about her. Evidently, Chloe has some other issues that Lana may be not able to address.

Bryce Hirschberg came onto the show and immediately hit on all of the female contestants. He was then subjected to disbelief when he learned that he couldn't hook up with them. But eventually this didn't seem to bother Bryce much. He fell head over heels for contestant Chloe Veitch and seemed to legitimately want to make something more with her. Sadly, his feelings were not reciprocated. Bryce ended the show as a popular contestant but unfortunately with no romances.

Like Bryce, David was also a victim of Chloe's. Originally, the buff Tom Holland doppelganger entered the show and made a pass at Rhonda Paul. Unfortunately he was outfoxed by stud and good friend Sharron Townsend. He then proceeded to settle in for Chloe and seemed to legitimately have feelings for her. But much like Bryce he was immediately rejected soon afterward. For a little while, David seemed to be floundering mid-season. After Sharron and Rhonda seemed to split, David attempted to make a pass at her again. But shortly after he was confronted by Sharron. Seeing that he was overstepping his bounds David made a mature decision to allow his friend's relationship to flourish. He later ended the show with romantic interest Lydia Clyma. Throughout the show, David proved to fans that he is a genuine guy. Most importantly, David showed he is a loyal friend.

Kelz Dyke happily embraced the moniker of the show's accountant. This meant that Kelz refused to give in to any inhibitions that would end up at the group's expense. This was truly tested during his time spent with Francesca. He refused to kiss Francesca when baited and did not indulge in clear motivations during a naked shower session. Unfortunately, Kelz ended the show with no romantic connection after Francesca played him to make Harry jealous. But it is worth noting that many of the cast members looked upon Kelz as a wise big brother. Being a nice guy that genuinely tried to adhere to the rules despite massive temptation is commendable.

Sharron Townsend entered the show with a protective persona. Sharron tried to play off the role of a womanizer, but fans and contestants eventually figured out this is an emotional shield. During the season, Sharron reveals that his past girlfriend had cheated on him with his best friend. Understandably, this experience emotionally scarred him and consequently, he is hesitant to allow his future romances to grow too deep. Initially having shacked up with Rhonda Paul, Sharron was unable to open up with her. This caused a rift in their relationship. But eventually, Sharron is able to make his way through it. After seeing his friend David pursue Rhonda, he realizes he doesn't want to lose her. This epiphany facilitates him to build a deeper relationship with her. In fact, throughout the season Rhonda and Sharron both displayed the most meaningful relationship on the show. Despite committing some severe infractions that ended up costing the group Sharron also vastly progressed emotionally. But most importantly, Sharron's transformation espoused exactly the type of rehabilitation expected by Lana.

Rhonda Paul entered the show arguably the most mature contestant. In her initial interview, unlike other contestants who had made raunchy, cringe-worthy statements, Rhonda instead talked about her personal female empowerment. Throughout the show, she legitimately seemed to work on building a meaningful romantic bond. Rhonda acted as a rock for love interest Sharron. She listened to him and never once reacted emotionally. Rhonda handled every issue in their relationship with reason, poise and maturity. These factors enabled Rhonda to progress the most during the show. She frankly had the most maturity to do so. And at certain points, Lana was rewarding.

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