THE EDUCATED UNEDUCATED: Personal development lacking in society

Posted: June 13, 2012 at 12:13 am

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They are easily angered and often turn ugly when challenged. Could it be due to our education system, poor grasp of language and misplaced priorities?

We consider those who have completed secondary schools to be educated and those who have studied in higher learning institutes as being well educated.

True, they may have studied a wide variety of subjects in school, and pursued a chosen field in universities. However, while those with high academic qualifications may have superior intelligence quotient (IQ), their emotional intelligence (EI) can be below par.

As such, the learned are not necessarily educated and this is evident when they unleash their emotions to the detriment of others and themselves.

They have not learnt to love and respect themselves and so cannot do the same to others. Those who are learned in their field of studies may be quite ignorant about themselves.

Many of our citizens are quick to proclaim "proud to be Malaysian" but are unable to substantiate it other than feeling nationalistic.

It is common to see egoistic people proud of themselves even when doing a lousy job or behaving badly. They should, instead, be proud of their work and do a great job.

Those with supremacist feelings or who champion causes without positive benefits are doing more harm than good for their country, race, religion or language.

Nationalism is ugly when it is merely to put others down. Instead, we should be patriotic and do something good for our country that even foreigners will be proud of us.

Patriotism can be studying or working hard to be productive and contributing to society; protecting the environment and the weak; keeping ourselves healthy and not be wasteful; and respecting others and showing courtesy.

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THE EDUCATED UNEDUCATED: Personal development lacking in society

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