Residents encouraged to participate in the Vrededorp/Pageview makeover – Joburg

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The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) is undertaking the Vrededorp/Pageview Revitalisation Projects and Programme on behalf of the City of Johannesburg over three years from 2020 to 2022.

Located north-west of the Johannesburg CBD in Region F, the suburbs of Pageview and Vrededorp were historically referred to as Fietas.

The JDA has appointed a consultancy team of architects/urban designers (IYER), heritage architect specialists (Library Special Projects) and community participation consultants (Sticky Situations) to design projects and programmes that rejuvenate the public environments in these neighbourhoods to encourage and foster a sense of community.

The project is part of both the Inner City rejuvenation and upgrade initiative as well as the Empire Perth Strategic Area Framework. It is founded on the fundamental principles of liveable cities, which are centred on creating well-functioning urban systems that can contribute to the physical, social, mental well-being and personal development of its inhabitants.

The precinct is broadly defined by 1st Street in the north, Solomon Street, and Ring Road/Subway Street in the east, Queens Road in the south and Krause Street in the west. The physical projects may include the cleaning, repair and upgrading of existing services and include paving, kerbing, resurfacing, landscaping, provision of street furniture, upgrading of street lighting, upgrading of parks and heritage projects. The exact nature of implementation will be determined through an extensive public participation and co-production process.

The JDA invites interested and affected stakeholders of Vrededorp and Pageview (those who live, work, or have a vested interest in these neighbourhoods) to collaborate with them in reviewing some of the initiatives that have occurred in the neighbourhood over the past two decades and take a fresh look at some possible public space upgrades and programmes that could contribute to supporting and improving current infrastructure and development programmes within the area.

A series of focus groups have and are being held with stakeholders in the area across various sectors including heritage/histories, homelessness, recycling, community, NGOs, health and education, faith and economic development.

On Saturday, 19 September 2020, from 1pm to 3pm, and Wednesday, 23 September 2020, from 4pm to 5.30pm, a pop-up, where stakeholders can pop in and share their challenges, opportunities and ideas for the neighbourhood, will take place. Interested participants can find the team on the Open Space on 23rd Street, Pageview.

These focus group process will be followed by a 'World Cafe'-style engagement allowing for stakeholders to come discuss ideas that emerge from the focus groups, and for the purpose of broader reporting and idea consolidation.

The focus groups and World Caf series will be conducted using digital platforms, via Zoom and Microsoft Teams, as well as Covid-19-safe protocols in the face-to-face engagements (for those that may not have access to digital platforms). If you have not been contacted yet, then get involved and have your say by getting in touch with the project team using the details below.

This process will culminate in the co-design and co-development of a working plan which sets out the prioritised projects and programmes to be implemented as well as a broad framework for how the revitalisation process should proceed, said Cllr Lawrence Khoza, MMC for Development Planning.

Several public platforms are available alongside the above mentioned interactions to facilitate broader inputs and comments including:

a dedicated CoJ Facebook Page (, and

a WhatsApp group (message 064 941 6647 to join)

These public platforms will feature key information on the project, key decisions taken, forthcoming engagement opportunities as well as contact details, should stakeholders wish to get hold of the project team.

Ultimately, the project will be guided by the voices of the community, both present and past, in the hope that elements of the design brief respond to the dynamic and diverse nature and needs of the present population who call the area home, and also acknowledge historical communities who once inhabited the area affectionately known as Fietas, said Cllr Khoza.

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Residents encouraged to participate in the Vrededorp/Pageview makeover - Joburg

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