Personal Care Trends Offering Opportunities for the Food and Drinks Sector

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NEW YORK, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Personal Care Trends Offering Opportunities for the Food and Drinks Sector

Business Insights predicts overall growth from 2009-2015 to be 21.9% for all food and drink, and 25.3% for personal care. This report discusses how food and drinks manufacturers can learn from personal care innovation and achieve higher margins.

High margins and added value in the personal care sector is derived from marketing innovation, investment in research and development, the use of science and claims, creating needs, and building customer loyalty. The food and drinks industry can use crossover trends from the personal care sector to the benefit of future product development.Be aware of the personal care trends that are most relevant for the food and drink sector and understand how these can add value and increase margins.Gain insight into packaging developments within personal care and which elements of pack functionality and design can be applied to food products.Benchmark the landscape of new anti-aging products in both the food and drink and personal care sectors and evaluate future opportunities.Understand the importance of science and claims within the development and marketing of new consumer products.Identify future product crossovers between the food and drink and personal care sectors.Both the personal care and the food and drink sectors are adept at catering to the whole consumer market, but the personal care sector is better at segmentation and targeting. This takes the form of creating products for specific demographic groups, but also increasingly in terms of personalization of the product or its usage for the individual.Foam or spray dispensers are widely used in personal care and can allow for transformation of the packaged product into a new phase or format. In food and drink these delivery tools can add interest by creating new textures, adding fun and creativity to the eating process, and/or allowing products to be used in a wider range of contexts.'Anti-aging' represented 2.28% of all tags and claims on new personal care products over the past two years, while the figure for new food and drink products was only 0.02%. This suggests that there is potential for substantial growth in this category for the food and drink sector.What are the key trends within the personal care market that offer opportunities to the food and drink sector?Who are the master developers linked with new personal care products and how are they used to develop and market innovative products?What are the personal care product delivery and pack functionality features that may provide opportunities for food and drink?What are the novel sciences being used within the personal care sector? Are these relevant for food and drink?How can the food and drinks sector learn from the personal care industry's use of product innovation?

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Personal Care Industry: Personal Care Trends Offering Opportunities for the Food and Drinks Sector

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Personal Care Trends Offering Opportunities for the Food and Drinks Sector

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