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Posted: March 24, 2020 at 2:46 pm

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(P) The British School of Bucharest announces the implementation of the Online Learning Programme'

Although we have had to close the school gates, BSB remains committed to providing high-quality learning activities and resources, as well as ongoing guidance and feedback from our teaching staff to our students from all stages, including EYFS pupils.

The top priority for the British School of Bucharest within the community is keeping students and staff safe and healthy in all circumstances. We are aware that learning delivered in school cannot merely be replicated through online learning. Interactions between the teachers and children will clearly be different. Still, we are confident that by considering a flexible and adaptable way each key stage will be approached, the differences will be reduced. All our teaching staff have already redesigned their lessons and courses to enable student autonomy in learning with appropriate, balanced support for the coming months and we are re-evaluating the provision through feedback from all parties on a daily basis, as we work towards the best solutions for our students, declared Philip Walters, the Headmaster of the British School of Bucharest.

The day by day curriculum for all year groups will be accessed via Google Classroom. This will also allow children to submit their tasks and receive prompt feedback from a member of staff. Furthermore, there will be opportunities for our students to participate in videoconferencing with class teachers using Google Meet, in order to keep in touch and ask any questions about the work they may have.

BSB students and parents can log in to their Google accounts (BSB Online) and have access to all learning materials and information, in an organised manner.

The BSB Online Learning Programme takes into consideration all stages, including EYFS pupils and we have provided parents with resources and ideas for activities to keep them entertained, to continue learning and spend quality time indoors while encouraging individual development in a play-oriented learning environment.

The work methods used during this period include:

Videoconferencing, where appropriate is taking place during a time set by the teacher and often during the time of the usual timetabled lesson. Teachers will also hold class discussions and presentations in order to help students better understand subjects and homework assignments.

Coursework, where required, will need to be completed and in this instance, the BSB faculty is continuing to offer guidance and support in accordance with the guidelines and regulations.

Contact with staff also varies depending on the task and includes annotated feedback and videoconferencing. In turn, staff may also be in contact with parents if work is not being submitted on time or if there are concerns from either side. This may be done via email or using the schools SMS function.

BSB recognizes the importance for students and parents to be supportive of each other and nurture understanding in order to provide the right environment for online learning. We have also outlined general guidelines and ideas that will give students and parents a starting point in creating the right environment to continue learning with minimal disruptions.

About British School of Bucharest:

The British School of Bucharest (BSB) is an established and well-resourced international private school located in Bucharest, providing a comprehensive international education based on the National Curriculum for England. BSB serves more than 600 students aged 2-18. It is a richly diverse learning community, with students representing approximately 50 nationalities. They benefit from an impressive pupil to teacher ratio and small class sizes, ensuring a personalized and highly supportive learning environment.

BSB is the only British school in Romania rated as excellent for both the quality of pupils learning and achievements and the quality of pupils personal development in its 2018 UK Independent Schools Inspectorate report.

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(P) The British School of Bucharest announces the implementation of the 'Online Learning Programme' - Romania-Insider.com

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