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Posted: December 7, 2020 at 4:55 am

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Experiencing the luxury of traveling and exploring different parts of the world may sound expensive, but the truth is, it does not have to be that way. In reality, many of these grand vacations are almost always overpriced, unbeknownst to travelers eager to get the best experience. Remmy Castillo and his company, Members Travel, seek to change that reality by removing the overpayment barrier and giving every person the chance to travel on a grander scale at a lower cost.

Members Travel began as a passion project launched by travel connoisseur and entrepreneur Remmy Castillo. Ultimately, his vision was to help people travel and spend quality time together without having to overpay. The company makes this possible by eliminating the middleman, giving clients the best prices for travels, and helping them save thousands of dollars annually.

Remmy Castillo is a business guru who has dominated several industries. He started his early career in the precious metals arena, where he and his management amassed over half a billion in sales. During this tenure, he was featured as a host on national on-camera infomercials, which generated a staggering $65 million. The work has been featured on various known networks such as Fox, Bloomberg, CNBC, and more. Remmy is also a successful motivational speaker, nationally and internationally, holding speaking events for disruptive leadership, mindset techniques, and more. Aside from having trained thousands of sales professionals and executives worldwide, his most recent milestone was sitting as the CEO of Moonshine Sweet Tea, where he spent years securing deals with big retailers such as Walmart and Target, among others.

His exit from the beverage industry opened an opportunity for him to launch a passion project and company, Members Travel. Since then, his company has been notable for providing the best deals ranging from airfare to hotel accommodations. Remmys team is notable for booking four-star or five-star hotels, condo properties, and more for a fraction of the cost that most travelers would usually pay. The company can also provide clients access to unpublished prices not available to the general public to get the best deals.

Remmy Castillo envisioned helping travelers save money while still being able to reach their full potential. Through Members Travel, he seeks to create a significant difference in peoples lives by showing them that luxury travel experiences are not meant to be impossible dreams. If anything, these grand moments should be within everyones reach, and this vision is what the rising company is putting into action.

In the future, Remmy Castillo hopes to take Members Travel to greater heights. The entrepreneur has his eyes on transforming his company into a multi-brand business that not only helps people experience affordable luxury travels but also helps them in their personal development as well.

For Remmy Castillo, life is too short to sit in one place. He encourages everyone to go out and do something spectacular for themselves. Check off the bucket list and see the beautiful world we live in, says the travel enthusiast.

To know more about Members Travel, please visit its official website.

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Members Travel: Providing the Best Travel Experience Without Breaking the Bank - Press Release - Digital Journal

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