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Posted: May 14, 2020 at 6:46 pm

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Faizan studies Aerospace Engineering with Industrial Experience here at Queen Mary, and recently took part in the Careers and Enterprise QMentoring programme. We asked him to blog about his experience, and any advice he has for others thinking of taking part in the programme.

Applying for QMentoring

Although I was confident in my choice of degree when I started university, the difficult nature of my course, coupled with insecurities about my interpersonal skills, led to a decline in my overall motivation towards succeeding in my studies. I, therefore, decided that I needed guidance and encouragement from someone who had been in my position. Someone who would guide me in my academic and professional development to help ensure that I reached my full potential.

Working with my mentor

Visiting Rolls Royce Derby was a truly inspiring experience. Through touring the site with my mentor, I caught a glimpse of a general workplace atmosphere at one of the biggest global defence companies and found it was quite different, in a good way, to what I had imagined. The somewhat dull impression I had gotten of engineering had been mitigated through experiencing a friendly and synergetic environment.

I am grateful to enjoy a casual but structured relationship with my mentor, one that allows us to work together on a more personal level. Though our face-to-face communication is limited due to them being situated outside London, the good chemistry that we share has prevented this from being an issue, as we enjoy maintaining regular conversation over the phone.

Even coming in with high expectations, I did not anticipate the full scope that working with someone who was once in a similar position to myself would have on my personal development. Questions about approach to university life, mental health, and future career paths, which I had brushed aside, are being settled through information and advice from a more experienced person who is empathetic with my mind-set. Though the exact nature of each partnership will vary, everyone stands to gain from having a mentor.

Advice for future mentees

The success of the QMentoring programme lies within having a firm set of objectives that you want to achieve by the end, which you should communicate well to your mentor from the get-go. Although more tangible aims, such as securing placements or graduate roles, are easier to evaluate, many mentees such as myself look to our mentors for guidance in selecting career paths, improving confidence and communication skills. However, it is not only possible but likely that these goals will adapt as the programme advances and I would, therefore, advise new mentees to be open to such change and view it as a sign of progress.

Take a look at our QMentoring page to find out more about the programme and how you can get involved.

If have any questions or concerns about the current job market, please do take a look at our new#AdaptToSucceedpage,where we outline all the latest information and advice.

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How QMentoring motivated me to reach my full potential - stopthefud

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