HMC female staff attend workshop

Posted: June 5, 2012 at 2:11 pm

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The human resources department at HMC organised a workshop titled, Springboard Womens Development Programme in co-operation with the British Council. The one-month long programme, which consists of four different workshops, is being attended by 25 female employees from HMC. The Springboard Womens Development Programme, designed to enable women to take control of their lives by identifying clear, practical and realistic initiatives and take their own steps towards self-improvement, has won many international rewards, a spokesperson said. The programme covers some 26 countries and is being applied in all types of corporations, universities, public administrations and financial institutions. It has now been successfully used by over 200,000 women worldwide in 12 different languages. Instructor and consultant Einas Malkawi for Springboard UK said that Springboard counselling is a pioneering institution in the field of training and counselling. It works at an international level for the professional and personal development of women, she said. Malkawi explained that the programme included four workshops and participants were given a book containing a number of practical activities and ideas for them to work at. The workshops also include the attendance of a female guest, whose work is prominent in society, to share their success story with others. Several successful HMC female staff and women from the local community were invited to the workshops to highlight their professional and personal journies and any challenges they had faced whilst trying to achieve professional objectives in keeping with their personal, social and cultural values, she said. Malkawi emphasised the importance of the programme for HMCs female staff, reiterating that HMC recognised the vital role Qatari women have in both the society and civil service, in which they occupy senior administrative and executive positions. To expected outcomes of the workshop, she said that the participants will gain more self-confidence and self-motivation, clear objectives, better communication and interaction skills, the ability to reflect positive self-image and most significantly the ability to strike balance between a career and personal life. Hundreds of businessmen worldwide are happy with the instant and long-term fruits reaped by female staff participating in Springboard programme. They gain more motivation, enthusiasm and ability to communicate and interact with others, Malkawi said. Several public and private commercial enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organisations, public agencies, universities and voluntary societies have benefited from participating in the programme globally, she mentioned.

HMC female staff attend workshop

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June 5th, 2012 at 2:11 pm