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Posted: May 21, 2020 at 2:43 pm

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It can be hard to think about career progression when youre working from home and worrying about job security due to, you know, a global pandemic.

And even though its understandable that you might want to focus on short term goals, theres absolutely no harm in thinking further ahead and trying to figure out what your next career move could or should be.

The biggest challenges about working remotely are obviously reduced contact time with managers and perhaps even less visibility over an your work but not all is lost.

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While 1:1s and check-ins should still be happening, the water-cooler chats and body language signals that might usually help you stay close to your manager will be missing. Its essential that managers double down on regular scheduled catch-ups with their teams to find out how theyre doing, Jonny Burch, the founder of Progression, a service that helps makers grow at work, tells Growth Quarters.

Additionally, Burch says that work that doesnt have a clear tangible output such as admin, for example is much harder to see.

If your job, or natural style, involves less visible communication of decisions or work, it may be that your work just isnt noticed so much, whereas others who over-communicate visually may experience the opposite effect, he notes.

Given the current circumstances, Burch has the following advice for employees thinking about their next career moves:

Burch also shared his top tips for managers and team leads:

Times may be tough right now but its important not to lose sight of what opportunities lie ahead. So, start thinking about what you want and what you have to do to get it.

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7 tips on lockdown career advancement for employees and managers - The Next Web

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