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There is an old sufi fable. In a very ancient family there was some musical organ, but people had completely forgotten how to play it. Generations came and people even forgot that it was a musical organ. It was gathering dust. It was a very big organ and it was taking up much space. One []

A king was seriously thinking of turning the whole country moral. Nobody should be allowed to say anything untrue. Untruths should be banned. The wise men were all agreed; in fact, because these wise people were his servants they were even going further than him, exaggerating. One wise man suggested that of course this was []

There was a mystic, Hassein, who had a very beautiful son a very very intelligent and talented boy. Everybody loved the boy, but one day he suddenly died. He was just twenty and almost the whole town was in love with the boy. Hassein looked at the corpse and never cried. Not even a []

Chuang Tzu talks about a draftsman of the name Chui, who could draw more perfect circles freehand than with a compass. Really, the compass is needed because you are afraid. If you are not afraid you yourself can draw a perfect circle without any help. In nature circles exist everywhere, everything moves on a circular []

Let me tell you a Zen anecdote about a burglar who entered the house of a Zen master to rob him. The master not only made no move to stop him, but aided him in his search, suggesting things he might take. The burglar, wondering what kind of man this was who would help himself []

ONCE SOME HUNTERS went deep into a dark forest and found a hut in which a hermit was praying before a wooden cross. His face shone with happiness. Good afternoon, Brother. May God give us a good afternoon. You look very happy. I am always happy. You are happy living in this lonely hut doing []

Two persons were travelling in the night. One had a lamp, another had no lamp, but while they were both walking together both paths were lit. The path of the one who had no lamp was also lit, and he was very happy. He never bothered about any lamp what was the need? But []

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Osho Stories | Stories told by Osho, my Beloved master

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