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Everything about Netflixs new documentary series Tiger King is out of the ordinary. Its not only the crazy plot or the animals in captivity but also the larger than life characters that make it a compelling watch. So whats this most-watched show on Netflix all about? Tiger King captures the life of private zoo owner Joe Exotic as he takes you into the wilderness of Oklahoma where he lives. With a murder-for-hire charge against him, things only start to spiral downwards. You also get to see his story unfold with his three husbands and a constant sense of hatred he shares foranimal rights activist and sanctuary owner, Carole Baskin.

The seriesalso tackles topics like suicide and drug abuse and make them look trivial in comparison to the other aspects of the show. And for all the above reasons, we believe this show should be the one you should watch, especially if true crime documentaries are your thing. But if you are done watching the series and are on a lookout for more, allow us to present shows that will promise a crazy ride like Tiger King. Scroll through for a list of shows on Netflix that will help you get over the Tiger King hangover.

Wild Wild Country is the first series that struck my mind after watching Tiger King, for its wild plot and wildest characters. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh a.k.a Osho sets out to establish Rajneeshpuram in Wasco County, Oregon, for his cult. Things start to go haywire when Ma Anand Sheela along with Osho gets involved in a national scandal with the local community. Theres plenty of sex, scandal and money in this series to keep you hooked.

If Tiger King has unleashed your longing for watching true crime docu-series, let this be your pick. The series revolves around a video circulated on the internet showing the ruthless murder of two cats by an anonymous person. Deanna Thompson from Las Vegas and John Green from Los Angeles start an online manhunt to find the killer. Theres also the common reference of dont fuck with the cats in both the shows.

Making A Murderer is the most popular among the true-crime docu-series for many reasons. The plot is based on Steven Avery who is wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and murder of Penny Beerntsen. The show is two seasons long and can take up your entire weekend if you have no other plans in place.

Season one of this true-crime series revolves around the murder trial of O.J Simpson giving you an up-close into what went behind the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. A gripping tale with many twists and turns, this one is followed by a season two where the anthology takes on the murder of famous personality Gianni Versace.

Another true crime docu-series to complete this list is Evil Genius, a story of Americas most diabolical bank heist in 2018. With four episodes, this series in its short span talks about the murder of Brian Wells. No shortage of crime and thrill on this one for sure.

Featuring:Ma Anand Sheela,Osho,Philip Toelkes

Release date: March 16, 2018

Platform: Netflix

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Release date: May 10, 2018

Platform: Netflix

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Loved Tiger King? Watch these 5 similar shows on Netflix to keep the momentum going - GQ India

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