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Posted: February 10, 2021 at 9:49 pm

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Night Stalker (foto: Netflix) / Wild Wild Country (foto: Netflix) / Blown Away (foto: Netflix)

Saturday and Sunday are the ideal days to relax in bed or on the couch with something delicious to eat and enjoy a series in Netflix. If that is your plan, we have three unmissable recommendations to make: a list of ideal series to marathon and finish on the same weekend.

This Netflix documentary stars Richard Ramirez, known as The Night Stalker (the night prowler), who committed multiple crimes, rapes and robberies.

During the four chapters that compose it, this miniseries tells how one of the greatest criminals in the history of the United States was persecuted and brought to justice after accumulating a large list of victims: men, women and children, aged between six and 82 years old, who came from different neighborhoods, racial origins and socioeconomic levels, which puzzled the researchers since they seemed isolated events because there was no pattern.

Know more about Night stalker in this note.

Osho is a guru from India, a speaker who toured his native place expanding his philosophy, determined, years later, to settle in the Oregon desert to proclaim his ideas. It is there that he established, in 1981, his own cult: the Rajnishe movement.

However, once in the United States, their ideology and extreme practices conflict with the local people, especially after the events of 1984, when they launched the first bioterrorist attack in which more than seven hundred people contracted salmonella. To this hostility are added other values such as massive attacks or incitement to rape.

In this Netflix documentary series we meet three members of the cult: Sheela, Jane and George, and figures who try to stop the Rajneesh. Likewise, a divided locality is explored from the perspective of xenophobia and politics: the cunning, intelligent, and amoral members of the group as opposed to the small-town ranchers. These themes are joined by other striking elements such as free love, dark plans and luxury cars.

In addition, all this cocktail of ideas is documented with archive images taken from old local news or from videos that the cult itself recorded.

In this reality show, ten artists specializing in blown glass compete to achieve the most amazing pieces, while showing off their techniques and experience in the field to impress the judges.

As in any competition, alliances, rivalries will arise and there will be a lot of pressure every minute, since whoever stays up until the end will be deserving of the juicy sum of $ 60,000.

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3 series to watch in a weekend on Netflix - Inspired Traveler

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