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Osho! (Photo from Wikimedia Commons, CC-By-SA http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:%D8%A7%D9%88%D8%B4%D9%88.jpg)

Here are 250 Osho quotes on love, life, meditation, marriage and more. Osho, also known as Bhagwan Rajneesh, was a spiritual master and enlightened being who created quite a wave in the twentieth century. You might also be interested in some of the Osho Books available as free downloads.

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Be like an alone peak high in the sky. Why should you hanker to belong? You are not a thing! Things belong!

Relationship is the need of those who cannot be alone. Two alone persons relate, communicate, commune, and yet they remain alone.

It is a strange experience, that those who have left me have always left places for a better quality of people. I have never been a loser.

I love this world because it is imperfect. It is imperfect, and thats why it is growing; if it was perfect it would have been dead.

Wherever you are afraid, try to explore, and you will find death hiding somewhere behind. All fear is of death. Death is the only fear source.

Take life easily, lovingly, playfully, non-seriously. Seriousness is a disease, the greatest disease of the soul and playfulness the greatest health.

Never ask, Who is my real friend? Ask, Am I a real friend to somebody? That is the right question. Always be concerned with yourself.

It does not matter if you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold. What matters is that you are flowering.

Discover yourself, otherwise you have to depend on other peoples opinions who dont know themselves.

Just get out of your own way.

Only idiots are not controversial.

It is because nobody has been teaching you about hate; hence, hate has remained pure, unadulterated. When a man hatesyou, you can trust that he hates you.

Mind is the illusion that which is not but appears, and appears so much that you think that you are the mind.

Respect your uniqueness, and drop comparison. Relax into your being.

No, I dont want to give my people sticks. I want to give them eyes.

Love cannot be taught, it can only be caught.

Love is happy when it is able to give something. The ego is happy when it is able to take something.

The knowledgeable person lives with a question mark ? and the man of awe and wonder lives with an exclamation mark.

A serious person can never be innocent, and one who is innocent can never be serious.

Man is born only as a potential. He can become a thorn for himself and for others, he can also become a flower for himself and for others.

Desire disappears as you become more and more aware. When awareness is one hundred percent, there is no desire at all.

Hell is our creation, and we create hell by trying to do the impossible. Heaven is our nature, it is our spontaneity. It is where we always are.

Real love is not an escape from loneliness, real love is an overflowing aloneness. One is so happy in being alone that one would like to share.

When you are different the whole world is different. It is not a question of creating a different world. It is only a ques of creating a different you.

That which makes you miserable is the only sin. That which takes you away from yourself is the only thing to be avoided.

Dont be unnecessarily burdened by the past. Go on closing the chapters that you have read; there is no need to go back again and again.

Accept yourself as you are. And that is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against your training, education, your culture.

Sharing is the most precious religious experience. Sharing is good.

You can go on changing the outer for lives and you will never be satisfied. Unless the inner changes, the outer can never be perfect.

It is imperfect, and thats why it is growing; if it was perfect it would have been dead. Growth is possible only if there is imperfection.

Accept yourself as you are. And that is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against your training, education, your culture.

Life exists without rules; games cannot exist without rules. Only false religion has rules, because false religion is a game.

If you work without love, you are working like a slave. When you work with love, you work like an emperor. Your work is your joy, your work is your dance.

The only authentic responsibility is towards your own potential. Values have not to be imposed on you. They should grow with your awareness, in you.

Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized.

A comfortable, convenient life is not a real life the more comfortable, the less alive. The most comfortable life is in the grave.

Love is authentic only when it gives freedom. Love is true only when it respects the other persons individuality, his privacy.

Man is always exploited through fear.

If whatsoever you have been living can be conveyed by words, that means you have not lived at all.

Its not a question of learning much. On the contrary. Its a question of unlearning much.

If you love yourself, you love others. If you hate yourself, you hate others. In relationship with others, it is only you mirrored.

If you love a flower, dont pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.

Bravery does not mean being fearless. It means to be full of fear but still not being dominated by it.

God is a person; godliness is a quality. You cannot become God, but you can be godly.

When your ego is no more, only then will you know who you are.

To avoid pain, they avoid pleasure. To avoid death, they avoid life.

Anywhere everywhere! Anything anyhow! just dance!

The word devil is very beautiful, if you read it backwards it becomes lived. That which is lived becomes divine and that which is not lived becomes the devil.

In relationship, be blissful, in aloneness be aware and they will help each other, like two wings of a bird.

Nobody else can destroy you except you; nobody else can save you except you. You are the Judas and you are the Jesus.

The less the head, the more the wound will heal. No head there is no wound. Live a headless life. Move as a total being, and accept things.

When you really laugh for those few moments you are in a deep meditative state. Thinking stops. It is impossible to laugh and think together.

Your real being only flowers with unconditional love. Ambition is against love. Anything that is against love is against you and your real life.

Dont be bothered by perfection. Replace the word Perfection by Totality. Totality will give you a different dimension.

NOW is the only reality. All else is either memory or imagination.

Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.

The only thing that matters in life, is your own opinion about yourself.

All your knowledge is dust. Knowing is your purity, knowledge is dust.

Dont be angry at life. It is not life that is frustrating you, it is you who are not listening to life.

Life is not logic, life is not philosophy. Life is a dance, a song, a celebration! It is more like love and less like logic.

Celebration is my attitude, unconditional to what life brings.

Life in itself is so beautiful that to ask the question of the meaning of life is simply nonsense.

Life is a mirror, it reflects your face. Be friendly, and all of life will reflect friendliness.

Whatever you are doing, dont let past move your mind;dont let future disturb you. Because the past is no more, and the future is not yet.

Fools are more healthy then the so-called wise. Thy live in the moment and they know that thy are fools, so thy are not worried about what others think about them.

Dont be serious about seriousness. Laugh about it, be a little foolish. Dont condemn foolishness; it has its own beauties.

It cannot be called freedom, a freedom which can choose only the right and not the wrong; then that is not freedom.

Only silence communicates the truth as it is.

Be. Dont try to become. Within these two words, be and becoming, your whole life is contained. Being is enlightenment, becoming is ignorance.

If you love yourself, you will be surprised: others will love you. Nobody loves a person who does not love himself.

Lovers have known sometimes what saints have not known.

Love is not manageable, it is simply something that happens, and the moment you try to manage it everything misfire.

Your honesty, Your love, Your compassion should come from your inner being, not from teachings and scriptures.

If you clean the floor with love, you have done an invisible painting. Live each moment in such delight that it gives you something inner.

Never obey anyones command unless it is coming from within you also.

Thats why children look so beautiful because they are yet full of hope, full of dreams, and they have not yet known frustration.

You will come closer and closer to perfection, but you will never be perfect. Perfection is not the way of existence. Growth is the way.

Dont analyze, celebrate it.

NOW is the only reality all else is either memory or imagination.

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master.

Whatsoever you hide goes on growing, and whatsoever you expose, if it is wrong it disappears, evaporates in the sun, and if it is right it is nourished.

Love brings freedom. Loyalty brings slavery.

Misery comes the moment you become clinging, attached. The moment you put conditions on life.

Die each moment so that you are renewed each moment.

Instead of pleasing, learn the art of happiness.

Happiness is an art that one has to learn. It has nothing to do with your doing or not doing.

Friendship is a relationship, friendliness is a state of your being. You are simply friendly; to whom, that is not the point. . .

Anger transformed becomes compassion. Sex transformed becomes prayer. Greed transformed becomes sharing.

Life is a mystery, and there is nothing to explain everything is just open, it is in front of you. Encounter it! Meet it! Be courageous!

Sadness comes, joy comes, and everything passes by. What remains always is the witness. The witness is beyond all polarities.

Freedom is our most precious treasure. Dont lose it for anything. . . .

Forget about getting, simply give; and I guarantee you, you will get much.

If you cannot love yourself, you dont know even the taste of love or what love means.

Freedom is a ladder: one side of the ladder reaches hell, the other side touches heaven. It is the same ladder; the choice is yours.

Drop the idea that attachment and love are one thing. They are enemies. It is attachment that destroys all love.

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