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by Alora Middleton Hale

Im sure most vegans would agree that one of the most important things we look at when planning a trip is where we can eat. Luckily, the world of vegan eating has certainly expanded within the past few years and the Internet, with all of its pictures and reviews, has definitely made it easier to scope out the best places for vegan-fare in advance.

While the amount of vegan eateries around the nation is growing, there are still some cities that stand out when it comes to the number of veg-friendly and vegan restaurants available. For this reason, I have put together the top ten cities in the United States for vegans to get their nom on.

New York City, New York

Veg-Friendly Restaurants:406

Vegan Restaurants: 77

The vegan options are plentiful in the Big Apple! New York City has a long history of international immigration. In fact, over 37% of the population was born in another country. This diversity could be one reason why NYC has such an abundance and variety of vegan options to choose from.


Los Angeles, California

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 275

Vegan Restaurants: 54

Los Angeles home to Hollywood, palm trees, and a plethora of vegan options. Los Angeles really is a vegans paradise! Like New York City, Los Angeles boasts a diverse community with varying cultures and diets. Not only are there a variety of cuisines to choose from when it comes to vegan eats, but there are also an ever-growing amount of vegan food festivals and street fairs that happen in LA some of them weekly! With so many different options and opportunities for vegan food, theres sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.


Portland, Oregon

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 274

Vegan Restaurants: 49

Portland is an exciting and unique city known for embracing the weird. Vegans should have no problem at all finding somewhere to eat in Portland. The food and beer options are plentiful and often lean towards one-of-a-kind food experiences versus those born of mass consumerism. Portland is also home to around 21 farmers markets, ripe with locally grown and organic produce.


Chicago, Illinois

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 276

Vegan Restaurants: 33

Chicago is known for many things, including its interesting architecture, jazz music, and plentiful museums. The Windy City also has a diverse dining scene and vegans have definitely not been left out! Whether youre in the mood for comfort food, international cuisine, or raw vegan options, Chi-Town has got you covered! You can even try out some vegan deep dish pizza and decide for yourself which side of the New York vs Chicago-style pizza side youre on.


San Francisco, California

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 208

Vegan Restaurants: 19

Theres more to San Francisco than fog, steep hills, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Like Portland, San Francisco has an abundance of organic produce. In fact, 40% of Bay Area land is dedicated to farming. Because of this, San Francisco boats many organic restaurants and grocery stores, and with them come vegan-friendly food options! If youre looking for even more places to eat vegan, Oakland is just across the Bay Bridge, adding another 67 veg-friendly restaurants and 15 more vegan restaurants to your list of places you can eat.


San Diego, California

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 231

Vegan Restaurants: 22

Authentic Mexican cuisine is one of San Diegos culinary attractions and vegans definitely havent been left out. Theres a variety of Mexican restaurants, food trucks, and food stands in San Diego that are vegan or offer vegan options. If youre looking for options outside of Mexican food, San Diegos got you covered there, too. From vegan fast food to raw organic meals made using fair trade and local ingredients, San Diego has something for you to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Seattle, Washington

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 190

Vegan Restaurants: 23

Due to its location in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has a reputation for being a bit wet and dreary. Luckily, Seattle is also becoming known as a great place for vegans to find some delicious food. Warm yourself up with some vegan comfort food, shop at an all-vegan grocery store, or visit the David Bowie-inspired vegan bar. Of course, a visit to Seattle wouldnt be complete without coffee. Luckily, most of Seattles coffee shops and cafs offer a wide range of plant milks for you to add to your brew.


Atlanta, Georgia

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 138

Vegan Restaurants: 15

Atlanta recently made vegan news when a Kentucky Fried Chicken located in the city attracted crowds that wrapped around two city blocks to try the new Beyond Vegan Chicken nuggets and wings. Both vegan options sold out in a matter of five hours. Luckily for vegans in Atlanta, there are even more exciting vegan food options just waiting to be tried!


Austin, Texas

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 127

Vegan Restaurants: 24

Austin is a creative community with a thriving music scene and outstanding food. Its no wonder that this city is a great place for vegans to enjoy some great vegan eats. The variety of vegan options in Austin is huge, boasting pizza, ribs, nachos, ice cream, tacos, mac and cheese, and more! Vegans will have no problem finding something to enjoy in this friendly city.


Phoenix, Arizona

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 85

Vegan Restaurants: 11

The scorching weather isnt the only thing in Arizona thats hot (Sorry, I had to do it). The vegan food scene in Phoenix is heating up and isnt showing signs of slowing down. Options range from Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, and Brazilian. Theres even a vegan goth-themed caf! Plus, if you visit Phoenix between October and April, youll be able to enjoy both cooler weather and the blossoming vegan scene.


Honorable Mentions:

Boston, Massachusetts

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 97

Vegan Restaurants: 8

Miami, Florida

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 75

Vegan Restaurants: 11

Denver, Colorado

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 141

Vegan Restaurants: 7

Charlotte, North Carolina

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 67

Vegan Restaurants: 5

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Top Ten Cities in the US for Vegan Eats - VEGWORLD Magazine

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