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In November, Mercabarna will launch the first wholesale market specialized in organic food in Spain, and the second in Europe: Biomarket, which will concentrate the supply of this growing segment and will facilitate marketing and distribution from a single platform. One of the companies that will have a stall in this new market is Naranjas Torres.

"The new consumer is increasingly organic-oriented and has a different way of thinking and consuming," says M. Jos Sala, commercial delegate of the stall that the company has at Mercabarna. We, like Naranjas Torres, intend to grow as the new consumer and the new market grow. Hence the leap to developing our own brand: Torres Bio, under which we will sell not only all the citrus fruits that we work with, but also other fruits and vegetables.

The Castelln-based company, with headquarters in the municipality of Almenara, is oriented to the high-end segment and has built a reputation both in the domestic market and in the international markets to which it exports its fruit under a premium brand. "Our goal is for the Naranjas Torres philosophy to be connected with the bio philosophy," says M. Jos. "The brands offer us security in terms of flavor, continuity and quality, so in addition to Torres Bio, we will also work with big brands such as Val Venosta, Fashion or Monterosa".

In addition to the delegation in Barcelona's wholesale market, Naranjas Torres has branches in Mercamadrid, Mercabilbao and Mercazaragoza, all adapted for the sale of organic products since last year, when the company launched its organic brand.

"We will continue to sell both conventional and organic products, but in Barcelona we are going to make a greater effort with the organic supply at the Biomarket," says the commercial delegate. We are committed to that idea. We will have a new delegation called Bio Torres, with a stall in a new market. It is an exciting project! says M. Jos.

A growing market The demand for organic food shows a growing trend, parallel with the increase in the supply. In Spain, the leader in organic production in the European Union and the fourth largest global producer, the fruit and vegetable market in this segment offers great growth prospects. It is true that, in Spain, organic food consumption is not at the level of other countries in Europe, but we are going to get there. Maybe in two or three years, she says. The number of consumers, the demand and the supply are all increasing. I am convinced that the domestic market still has a long way to go.

The opening of Biomarket will further promote the expansion of the supply of organic products, allowing easier access to them by consumers.

According to M. Jos Sala, everything will be new in this project. "We will transform the brand and deliver a new product for a new consumer."

For more information: Fran Barrionuevo Naranjas Torres Biomarket: Parada 4 C/Transversal 5, n63 Mercabarna 08040 Barcelona, Spain M: (+34) 663 996 403fbarrionuevo@torresbio.com torresbio.com

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"The new consumer is increasingly more organic-oriented and thinks differently" - FreshPlaza.com

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