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Its turkey time, and farms across Upstate New York are proud to sell their organic, pasture-raised turkeys to be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving feast. Many of these farms are small, family operations, but they offer a diverse range of goods, from other meats and poultry, to fresh vegetables and even a perfect pie for your table.

Weve found farms from Buffalo to Albany and everywhere in between. Theyre organized by region below.

Remember to order ahead. Trying to get a beautiful, local turkey the week before Thanksgiving is a risky strategy. Some farms start taking Thanksgiving orders as early as June, and may be sold out before November even starts.

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This farm welcomes visitors because they believe its important for people to know where there food comes from and how it was raised. Their pastured turkeys are raised on organic, non-GMO feed with no antibiotics or steroids. They also raise pastured beef, pork and chicken and produce shitake mushrooms and handmade soaps.

943 East Windfall Rd, Olean, NY 147860


During the summer, Wendels is known for serving up tasty barbecued chicken on the weekends, but they also raise Thanksgiving thanksgiving (and Christmas) turkeys. During the fall they also have a pumpkin patch and fun activities for kids.

12466 Vaughn St, East Concord, NY 14055


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From the website: Franklin L. Barry established Barrys Turkey Farm in 1942 raising free ranged organic fresh turkeys and took great pride in that Barrys was the largest turkey farm selling to individuals and companies throughout the Rochester area. Presently owned and operated by Bernard (Ben) and Donna Barry, they continue to maintain the same pride and are committed to selling fresh farm raised organic turkeys to their valued customers with a premium turkey.

1364 Jackson Road, Webster, NY 14580


This is a small, family farm that raises grass fed lamb, pastured poultry and free range Thanksgiving turkeys. They also produce free range eggs, seasonal produce, handmade soaps, wool yarn and maple syrup. Much of the farming is done using a team of real Belgian draft horses. They also run a small scale horse boarding operation and provide horse-drawn wagon rides for festivals and parades.

2528 Lakes Corners Rose Valley Rd., Clyde, NY 14433


NOTE: Burl Creek Farms is sold out of Turkeys for the 2019 Thanksgiving season

Thanksgiving in Upstate NY: How to locally-source your dinner

This is a small farm, but they do it all, from whole halves of pigs and cows to vegetable CSAs in the spring and fall, and, of course, your Thanksgiving turkey.

3450 Plank Road, Livonia, NY 14487


This farm, near Binghamton, raises mainly beef and dairy cows, but also has chickens, eggs and turkeys for sale. Their poultry freely roams the farm, and sometimes even wanders into town.

1279 Caldwell Hill Rd, Lisle, New York 13797


Greg and Berni Ortensi have lived on and operated this organic family farm since 2003. They specialize in organic beef cows, but they also board horses and grow hay and straw. And of course, they have your Thanksgiving turkeys. You can drop by for a visit by appointment.

741 County Highway 29, Richfield Springs, New York 13439


Our pasture raised turkeys are low fat and high in quality protein, not to mention free of hormones, steroids, antibiotics and nervous stress! reads Moon Dancings website. These birds are pastured and free to roam and graze. They also raise pastured chicken and pork and grass-fed beef.


NOTE: Moon Dancing Farm is sold out of Turkeys for the 2019 Thanksgiving season

This farm raises pastured, organic, Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys and claim that, no turkey tastes better. Period. They feed their animals no soy, wheat or corn and use flax, sunflower and field peas instead which boosts Omega-3s in their meat and egg products.

13054 Ira Station Rd, Martville, NY 13111


NOTE: Happy Hooves Organic Farm is sold out of Turkeys for the 2019 Thanksgiving season, however last minute turkeys may be available to customers who call on November 23.

Beef and pork and poultry, all pastured, antibiotic and GMO free. If you love fresh farm food, ABC also runs a summer CSA with delivery in Central Square once a month, and sells their goods at the Watertown Wednesday market.

7141 Old State Rd., Croghan, NY 13327


NOTE: Orders must be placed by June 1 for a Thanksgiving turkey.

Marchaland farms has been raising farm fresh, pastured turkeys for 25 years, but its history goes back to 1934. Now in its 5th generation of family owners, they also sell all-natural beef and chicken and cattle.

211 Burton Road, Greenwich, NY 12834


They dont raise their own turkeys, instead sourcing them from other local farms, but if youre looking for a Thanksgiving turkey in the Hudson Valley, this is a great place to find one. They are pasture raised on clover, alfalfa, timothy and orchard grass. Why not order one of their homemade pies while youre at it?

9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell JCT, NY 12533


Looking for a Pasture-Raised, Antibiotic and Hormone-Free Turkey packed with flavor? Youve come to the right place! Karl Family farms chooses turkeys that are vigorous foragers who are hardy and develop a deeper flavor than industrially raised birds.

Karl Family Farms, 2207 NY 32, Modena, NY, 12548


Northwind Farms has traditional New Holland White Turkeys as well as Heritage Bronze Turkeys, and for those who something a little different for their Thanksgiving feast, they also offer French Rouen ducks, beef filets, briskets and hams.

185 W Kerley Cor Rd, Tivoli NY 12583


Raised in special mobile pens that provide regular patches of fresh grass and food, these Broad-Breasted White turkeys help revitalize the grass while theyre growing. This farm also sells beef, pork, chicken and specializes in raw milk.

1359 Old Ford Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561


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