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Food and drink retailers and foodservice professionals from across Scandinavia (and beyond) will be among the first to discover the latest certified organic food and drink to hit the market at the next edition of the Nordic Organic Food Fair which returns to MalmMssan, in Sweden, on 13-14 November.

CBD-infused drinks, lavender syrup, sun-dried tomato spread, pea protein balls, chia smoothies, wheat and seed spaghetti, and red wine cheese, plus a host of organic Greek olive oils and artisan honeys are just some of the innovations set to make their debut at Scandinavias leading trade event for certified organic food and drink.

Here are just a few of the products launching or new to the 2019 show:

Coco Wilson is previewing its Organic Raw Coconut Water with CBD. Made with aromatic fresh coconut water from Nam-Hom coconuts in Thailand and pure CBD, this health beverage can be used as a post-workout muscle recovery drink (stand K11A).

Obsthof Retter is launching its handmade organic root elixir in two flavours Ginger and Curcumin. Prepared in a fruit manufactory, ingredients include fresh ginger, curcuma, lime, lemon, orange, apple, hemp, sage, juniper berries and raw cane sugar (stand G41).

Ferm Kombucha is introducing its Kombucha in cans. Offering a healthy alternative to alcoholic and classic sugary drinks, flavours include Ginger Lemongrass, Mandarin Star Anise, Mint Lavender, and Blueberry Cassis (stand J92).

Sonnentor is launching Gingerbread Time Tea and Cinnamon Magic Tea. These popular Christmas flavours are the latest tea blends this season, and a welcome change to classic fruit teas (stand G13).

Woccoco Fine Foods is launching Tempeh flavoured with ginger and tamari. This high-protein and fibre-rich meat alternative is cholesterol-free, high in vitamins B2, B3, and B6, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc (stand M34).

Amvrosia Gourmet is launching Sundried Tomato Spread, perfect to have on a bagel, sandwich, or on top of grilled chicken. The spread has a combination of sweetness and tang from the sun-dried tomatoes, with a slight basil aroma (stand J31C).

un Drinks is introducing its organic gooseberry sparkling craft drink from Saaremaa, the largest island of Estonia. Made with organic apple juice mixed with gooseberries, it comes in 330ml and 750ml bottles (stand F71G).

Mellifera Honey is launching its Bio Honey with Raspberry. Rich in antioxidants, the organic honey is an alternative to sugar-and-preservative-loaded jams. Its raw and unprocessed to retain its vital enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins (stand H93).

Vamvalis Foods S.A is introducing Terrabites sesame squares, made with natural ingredients. The new sesame snack range comes in four flavours: sesame with chia, sesame flax seeds, sesame red quinoa, and sesame coconut (stand F46).

Sana Plant Extract SRL is launching its Aronia and lavender organic syrup. The Aronia (chokeberry) and lavender syrup is low in sugar and has a ripe cherry taste (stand H64A).

Aldka Organic Farm is introducing its fresh dates ranging from Medjool, Seqee, Sukary and Wanan in retab or tamer form. The process and quality control are certified as organic by BCS (stand M40).

Culterra Olive Oil is launching its extra virgin organic olive oil from Sitia in Crete, Greece, made with ultra-low acidity (0.3) and a fruity, bitter, but mildly spicy taste (stand H31E).

Choco group, UAB is launching Mulate organic chocolate spreads. Created by an internationally awarded bean-to-bar craft maker, the spreads are available in organic chocolate with blackcurrant; caramel; tahini; nuts or hemp (stand L1).

Si-Mel Savidakis & Co is introducing Melaion Bio Cretan Thyme Honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Savidakis Family has revived an exceptional tradition where they have blended honey with olive oil spheres (stand H31D).

Karpos Company is introducing its Summer Tomatoes gourmet ready meal with rice. Cooked from fresh using Mediterranean traditional recipes, the meal is free from artificial additives, flavour enhancers, preservatives or concentrates (stand J31J).

Runakay Plus is launching its superfood breakfast in takeaway 250ml glass bottles. This balanced vegan superfood shake is healthy, convenient and made with a mix of almond, fruits, and quinoa sweetened with dates. Flavours include: Cocoa, Coffee, Matcha Tea and Fruit Mix (stand M60).

EOS Nutrisolution is introducing its Fruit & Carrot Snack Bar, made with no added sugars, 70% fruit and 12% vegetables. Also showcasing its full range of 100% natural, functional products (stand K31D).

IMS Hllinger GMBH is launching organic lemongrass and rosemary syrup and an organic lemongrass and rosemary spritz soft drink. Rosemary is a classic ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine and when combined with refreshing lemongrass gives it an aromatic taste (stand G41E).

Cresp Mallorca Spices is introducing its Picalgas range of organic nuts, spices and seaweed to flavour dishes (stand K41C).

Artemisia Estates Olive Oil is introducing Song of Odysseus, a delicate, and complex, low acidity extra virgin olive oil. This heart healthy oil can add a finishing touch to dishes or enrich everyday cooking (stand H31G).

Cordero Organic S.L is introducing its premium organic lamb. The whole carcass includes the most tasteful and tender parts of the lamb: leg, shoulder, flank, neck and rack. Also available with Halal and Kosher certifications (stand K41D).

Yannis Olive Grove is launching its sundried green olive snack with fruits. This low salt and naturally sweet snack can be added to any salad, yogurt, and ice cream or can be enjoyed on its own (stand G31G).

Olevion olive oil spread is a healthy alternative to butter and margarine. It is produced with 100% vegetable ingredients, 93% pure extra virgin olive oil, and zero trans-fats, artificial colours, flavour additives, salt or sugar (stand J31E).

Agriblea is launching Ciappa Soft organic sundried tomatoes in a fully compostable four-colour bag. In 2019, the company enriched its range of packaging with new eco-friendly fully compostable bags. Simultaneously with the release, the company has introduced new product variants of the Ciappa soft, a soft version of its sundried tomatoes (stand L61).

Rawsophy is launching its new branding at the show. Its product range includes gourmet fusion snack combinations including: Activated Almonds, Kale Chips, and Nut Crackers serving as a healthy snacking product for both adults and children (stand J31K).

Dejunkeds new Chia Smoothies come in three varieties Pomegranate, raspberry, beetroot and ginger; Mango, passion fruit, lemon and turmeric; and Apple, kiwi, banana and spirulina. They are free from refined sugars and just made from fruits, berries and super foods. 100% organic, natural and vegan (stand J11F).

Antonopoulos Farm is introducing its whole wheat spaghetti, produced exclusively from organic seeds of native wheat varieties (non-hybrid seeds). Made strictly with the principles of organic farming and combining traditional agricultural techniques with advanced processing, the whole wheat spaghetti provides high nutritional value (stand J31H).

Sporos is introducing its high-quality Rosemary cultivated in Greece. SPOROS-Rosemary BIO was awarded 3 stars in the Great Taste 2019 competition (stand F31G).

Tomates Paso Doble is launching its Montas tomatoes at the show. Free from chemicals, they are made without artificial heating and in accordance with the guidelines of biodynamic agriculture (stand G200).

Klosterkserei Schlierbach is introducing Wein, a distinctively aromatic soft cheese made from organic milk. Wein is refined with organic red wine during ageing, to give the cheese its characteristic dark, edible rind. In combination with its delicate white mould, it develops a particularly fine flavour (stand G41).

Peas of Heaven is showcasing Balls of Heaven a plant-based meatball based on pea protein. Its free from both soy and gluten and is close to ordinary meatballs in taste and structure (stand H11A).

Ioannis Kourikos A.V.E.E is exhibiting its Greek Mountain Tea with pyramidal teabags. Produced from organic harvests of Siferitis varieties, they are made with Greek herbs, flowers, and spices without added flavourings. Option for private label and large production capacity is available (stand G31D).

Weingut Riffel is promoting its 2018 Scharlachberg Riesling Trocken wine. The wines of this biodynamic winery at the confluence of the Rhine and Nahe rivers in Germany have been collecting numerous accolades for years. Their Riesling and Silvaner, above all, is loved by national and international wine experts (stand ND23).

Antica Cucina Bio is showcasing its range of Salt Snacks made with vegetal fats, that come in three flavours: Parmesan and Kalonji Seeds; Almond and Pepper; and Apple Vinegar and Onions (stand K51A).

Natural Crunch is presenting its raw broccoli crunch snack with cayenne this spicy, organic, healthy snack is gluten free, vegan, and never fried (stand K31B).

Villa Bogdano 1880 is exhibiting its internationally prized organic wines, from both native and international grape varieties, in North-Eastern Italy near Venice. The property is a designated Natura 2000 site a coordinated network of protected areas to ensure the long-term survival of Europes most valuable and threatened species and habitats (stand ND6).

A:RLIG is promoting its on the go organic smoothies in convenient pouches. All smoothies have been made in cooperation with Swedish star chef Mathias Dahlgren and are vegan and have no additives. Flavours include apple and pomegranate, and mango and passion fruit, (stand J11C).

CBL Natural Foods Pvt is exhibiting its Sera Organic Coconut Milk, available in fat contents of 17-18% and 20%-22%. The milk is commonly used as a cooking ingredient and also to make ice creams (stand K63).

Hellenic Fields is exhibiting its 100% natural, unfiltered, Fir Honey rich and glossy honey that has a deep rich amber colour and distinct aroma, with a butterscotch and caramel flavours. It was awarded with 3 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards in 2019(stand J31B).

The Ferment Project is promoting Kwas, a 100% organic, naturally fermented beverage made from sourdough rye bread. Produced locally in Europe by a family-owned business, Kwas is gluten free, low in sugar and serves as a healthy alternative to traditional soft drinks (stand H71F).

UHTCO Corporation GmbH is presenting its Yacon Chips, made by thinly slicing the root and air drying to obtain a crunchy dried chip texture with a pleasant sweet taste (stand D41).

Green First Farm SRL is promoting its Honey Cream with Sea Buckthorn. The sea buckthorn oil is a rich source of essential acids Omega 7, 3, 6, 9, Beta-Carotene and vitamins. This combination keeps all the nutrients and tastes (stand H64C).

Pfanner is exhibiting its Pfanner Pure Tea Ginger, brewed directly from organic ginger. Made with zero sugar and sweeteners, a dash of lemon juice rounds off the ginger notes (stand G41D).

Smart Organic AD is exhibiting its Bett`r Quinoa Crackers. These guilt free crackers are gluten free and made with oats rich in fibre. They are baked with coconut oil and made with simple ingredients (stand L67).

Aceite Cortijo Spiritu Santo is presenting its eco-range of organic extra virgin olive oils in floral designed bottles. The range is with the Picual variety of an early harvest and contains a high level of polyphenols (stand K31C).

The Chalo Company is exhibiting its Slow Chai, available in authentic Masala & Golden Turmeric, the organic chai range consists of organic Indian black CTC tea from the Assam region, and made with traditional spices (stand F85).

EKO PIRK is promoting its organic mix of coconut oil and butter ghee. This ghee butter has a nutty taste and a mild coconut oil aroma. Ideal for baking at high temperatures, its lactose-free and ideal for the Paleo, Primal or Ketogenic diets (stand K90).

SirLoin is exhibiting Paleo Jerky in Tomato & Paprika. This new organic jerky combines tomato and paprika flavours into a grab-and-go snack to fuel a busy lifestyle. This nutritious snack is high in protein and low in sugar and does not contain any artificial additives (stand F71E).

Delicious & Sons is presenting its sweet olive tapenade spread, made from authentic black olives from Aragn and sweetened with agave. Made with extra virgin olive oil for an intense aroma and flavour, it can be enjoyed on sandwiches and crackers (stand K1).

Honeyman UK is showcasing its range of artisan honey, that comes in a classy square jar with an elegant label and handmade wooden lid, which enriches the artisan product (stand G205).

Germinal Bio is showcasing BioJunior a complete line of organic products for children. Products include organic biscuits, pastas, bars and sauces, formulated to meet the nutritional needs of early childhood (stand H65).

SeiMei Aps (Wish Juice) is exhibiting its new Organic Craft Soda with nothing but fresh cold pressed juice, water and bubbles added. Organic clean label and 100% free from craft soda (stand H41H).

Bio Austria Marketing GmbH is promoting its organic seasoning WienerWrze. This all-natural brewed seasoning contains only four ingredients: lupine, oat, salt and water. Its a soy-free alternative to soy sauce and has a savoury flavour that can be added to soups, salad, stew, vegetables, fish, and more (stand G41A).

ONEST is promoting its raw, vegan and gluten free chip snacks in a variety of shapes and flavours, including Chickpea, Curry, Lentil, Rosemary, Quinoa, and Sweet Chili (stand G90).

Mlio is exhibiting its range of honey water in three flavours: Ginger, Lemon, and Apple & Cinnamon. Produced in France, many studies have demonstrated that dissolving honey in water has many health benefits (stand K61). is presenting its range of goji berry jams, in three flavours including pomegranate juice, green apple, and pumpkin. The healthy jams can be used in vegan diets, in healthy salads or as a dressing on grilled meats (stand J31M).

Be Aromatic is showcasing its Green Salt herbal condiment made with Portuguese thyme (known as Mastic Thyme or White Thyme) prevalent in the Iberian Peninsula. Used to intensifying food flavour, it can dramatically reduce the use of salt in food (stand J21C).

Puljong is showcasing its organic beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, and vegetable broth. The bone broth components are made with the highest quality standards and have a high nutritional value. The broths are gluten free, 100% organic, and free range (stand F71A).

Kaffeetschi is presenting almond cold brew latte in eco-friendly premium glass bottles. Made with tailor roasted specialty grade arabica beans and blended with smooth rice-almond m*lk, it has no added sugar and preservatives (stand G41G).

PDO Honey of Lunigiana Italy is showcasing its Protected Designation of Origin organic honey of Lunigiana with two certifications (stand H74).

Eco Life Scandinavia

Native Organics (stand A41) is sampling its new still mineral water from the Asturias region. Low in mineral content, its packed in aluminium (with no plastic) and free from light and oxygen to preserve its freshness (Spain).

Jolly-Fox (stand A44) has launched its Christmas Menu, featuring three handmade cocktail lollipops. Available in White Glgg Sparkle, ChocNOrange, and Gingerbread White Russian, they can be eaten as is or used as a stirrer in a drink. All natural, they are vegan, gluten-, lactose- and alcohol free (Denmark).

Soulfresh (stand C51A) is showcasing its new organic Bootleg Booch, the UKs first alcoholic kombucha. Its crisp, refreshing, low in sugar, 3.5% ABV, contains only natural ingredients and is available in two flavours: Pink Apple and Ginger (UK).

HELIOS PASTA INDUSTRY (stand G31A) will be introducing a new product at the show. Its wide range includes over 30 global brands and 75+ pasta shapes. Helios Organic Spaghetti Espressi, for example, is a quick cooking pasta thats ready in just two minutes and boasts a Superior Taste Award from iTQi (Greece).

Cretangoods (stand H31J) is showcasing its ready-to-drink cretea herbal teas. They are made with infused extracts from organic cretan herbs, mixed with freshly squeezed organic apple juice (instead of sugar) and award-winning Zaros cretan natural mineral water (Greece).

the Apokoronian origins (stand H31K) is showcasing the Apokoronian Organic Cretan Dittany / Diktamo called the king of Cretan herbs. Uniquely wild-grown in the Cretan mountains and gorges, its been renowned since antiquity for its medicinal properties. Other products include: extra virgin olive oil, honey, native herbs, and traditional vinegar dressings (Greece).

Bottles by Malund (stand J41B) contain fine layers of organic ingredients from the Danish farms, with a simple baking guide (Choko Scones, Ciabatta Bread, and Crake Bread etc). A thoughtful and eco-friendly gift idea, the bottle is reusable/recyclable and the Sughera cork stopper is sustainable (Denmark).

Free registration is now open

The Nordic Organic Food Fair and Eco Life Scandinavia will return to Malm, Sweden, on Wednesday and Thursday 13-14 November. For more information and to register for a free trade ticket, please visit or and use priority code PR123 (direct link:

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Scandinavia's biggest showcase for certified organic food and drink previews new products - Premier Construction Magazine

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