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Food truck close to work. Had Greek Salad with chicken. fresh,flavorful, good size for price. Organic food, the salad dressing was yummy with a little kick. Good value and fit the need! Would try again, they gave burgers salads

This business is SCAMMING PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE TO EAT HEALTHY. Food was terrible and it's 100% NOT ORGANIC. I'm an organic food chef and know how organic food tastes and looks like and this was the cheapest quality GMO non organic food. From a short research seems that the owner is purposely scamming people selling non organic low quality food as organic saying how stupid Americans are that they would believe anything you tell and give them without checking. Terrible business, terrible!I will be reporting this business everywhere possible and suggest you do the same!

This place it great. Food truck was at AleSmith and my friend and I got Lobster Mac and Cheese ($12) and the Chef's Fried Rice ($6) to share. The guy working wasn't too busy and was nice enough to split the portions for us, 🙂 so we each got a plate with half of each.The rice tastes great. Very "healthy" tasting if that's your thing. Brown rice, chickpeas, some veggies, and sweet & sour sauce on top. Pretty good but not my style. I probably wouldn't get it again.The Lobster Mac and Cheese is the bombbbb. I would get it every time. The portion is huge and it's definitely restaurant quality. For $12 it's definitely worth the price!On a side note, the food truck is labeled "Grass-Fed" and "Gluten Free", and while I believe the rice is gluten free, the Mac and Cheese may not be. It tastes too good to believe the pasta can be gluten free Overall, considering I got all that food for $9 (since we split it), I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to eat here.

I got to try their food at Alesmith Brewery. They stood out next to the typical taco truck. I got the surf & turf and tried my friend's chili. Large portions, but quality ingredients.

I love the concepts of food trucks. Anybody can apply to be a chef at some random restaurant. But, you have to love your craft to the point where you're willing to deck out an RV, take what you make to a closed set of clientele, and work in in an enclosed space under less than ideal conditions. If you can do that and still make above average food, that's pretty damned impressive.Anyway, Organic Food Truck came to my office along with a couple other choices for some event or other. After looking between menus and going back and forth, I finally opted for here and the Surf & Turf O-Burger. This consisted of organic beef, assorted greens, and an exceedingly messy helping of Grand Lobster Mac N Cheese.First off, I should note that this food truck is 'Certified Organic,' which means ... well, it doesn't really mean anything, but they probably paid a lot of money and cared enough about what they make to tout it as so. To me, the 'Organic' label never added any flavor (that's always been more of an herb and spice thing in my expertise), it's just a marketing ploy to tack on a few extra bucks to the cost as you tell people that "the beef industry just wants to make money." Typically, though, such 'organic' portions are generally smaller, to help offset the higher price, that isn't the case here.The whole Surf & Turf was very large, juicy, and sloppy as all hell. This wasn't a bad thing, such a burger was made to be eaten with a fork and spoon. The bun was a bit generic, but the meat itself was cooked perfectly to a medium-rare. Seasoning was a bit light, a bit more more salt would have been nice, but the pepperiness of the arugula mixed in with the spring greens came through. The lobster flavor in the mac and cheese was muted, there but very light. I've seen some reviews complaining that it is made with imitation crab instead of real lobster and, in all honesty, it's been too long for me to remember or differentiate that flavor or texture. In any case, it was creamy, had a nice consistency that kept everything from being too dry, and was pretty tasty.In the end, the burger was good, but not much more than that. With all the ingredients that went into making it, you would figure it should be a step or two above. And yet, I was left nodding in light admiration at my lunch, but still tinged with a shoulder shrug. I'm sure I'd try Organic Food Truck again if given the chance. There's quite a bit on the menu that seems worth eating. Until then, though, it's tough to think of this place as anymore than a strong 3 Stars.

I ordered the burger and was extremely disappointed. Not only did it fall apart as soon as I picked it up, but it was also made with cheap ingredients. This food truck advertises itself as an organic food truck but I felt that they used cafeteria grade ingredients. Definitely not worth $9, plus the guy that took my order seemed rather rude.

The Organic Food Truck draws a long line when it visits the office buildings along Towne Center Drive. Popular items are the burgers and the brussels sprouts. The brussels sprouts are listed as a side dish, but you can order some protein on top and make a complete lunch out of the combination.Somewhat randomly, I ordered the seared ahi tuna, which was served on a bed of greens. I was happy enough with this lunch and will revisit the food truck without hesitation.

I'm giving a 2-Star because I only had one experience with "The O Truck" today at Omni La Costa Resort and Spa and I don't want to seem like a total jerk. I was excited to try the Lobster Mac and Cheese. One word: Disgusting. $14 including the tip I left (I expected too much). Looked nothing like the lovely picture on the truck. The guy who took my order told me that it was only good when hot. It was still disgusting right off the truck. It was basically macaroni slop that tasted like ground up pizza with soy sauce (for some weird reason). If this is a measure of the other things they have to offer, I would recommend staying away from the truck. #Pass

The fried rice was soggy and flavorless with a sweet n sour sauce poured all over it, GROSS and not edible.The chicken, rice and brussel sprouts plate - the chicken smelled like raw chicken and undercooked with pink inside so it went in the trash. The brown rice was also undercooked and not edible. So basically I paid $12 for a side of brussel sprouts which were not bad.

People could not stop talking about how GREAT the food was at our wedding thanks to Jack and his gang! We had a simple wedding at a brewery and Organic Food truck pulled up the the brewery punctual and ready to fed hungry guests!My guests were allowed to order anything from the menu and it arrived very quick! Big hits were the burger and lobster Mac and cheese. Before it wedding, we met up with Jack and ran though ideas and options for our wedding. He was very kind and made things effortless for us. I'm so happy Organic Food Truck was part of our big day! Thanks guys!

I enjoyed a pretty good burger from this food truck but I have to question on how it was put together. I ordered the O-burgers Grass Fed Beef Burger with everything on it except mayo for $9. I asked for the burger to be cooked to a medium temp and they hit the mark pretty well. The all natural beef had good flavor and was tender and moist. The burger came with lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions, but the problem with these items was that they chopped them up. As a result, every time I went in for a bite of a burger, the tomatoes, onions, and lettuce came falling out onto the container and table below. Nicely sliced tomatoes, onions, and whole torn pieces of lettuce would of done this burger more justice.Another thing was that the quality beef deserved a better bun. They use a typical white sesame bun, which in most cases that would not be a problem, but this one was cold and dry. They should at the very least warm it up on a hot griddle to give it that nice crunch on the ends and warm moist center. The burger deserves a better bun, like a brioche or a nice bun from Sadie Rose Baking Company. The last thing, put more cheese on that burger! It was hardly noticeable. In the end, the gent in the food truck was a nice guy but I think this burger can be much better.

This food IS NOT ORGANIC! Tasted like the the lowest quality food I ever had in my life. I don't think the burger had even real meat in it and hot dog looked old and blue inside! Stay away, I know how organic food tastes like and this is not it, this is A SCAM!

Not good quality! Had the surf & turf burger recommended by the guy in the window. We ordered med-rare, came out extra well done & dry. There was no lobster or lobster flavor in the mac. Kinda had a salad on it too. None of it good!

This is the most disgusting food I've ever had. None of it looks homemade at all. It all looks store bought and just thrown together. When you think of organic you think of healthy and fresh and that's not at all what we got. The lady inside was unprofessional and gave a super weird vibe out.

The guys I ordered the food from warned me the Lobster Mac and cheese was "not for everyone". But it was absolutely for us! Was so amazing and a must order! They were really nice and the food was quick and outstanding!

This truck stops at my work place several times a month. Good quality food, and the customer service is very delightful. However, One single hamburger cost you $9 dollars which I though was a bit expensive. But they say all organic food is expensive anyways, if you are into the whole organic concept they you will love their food.

I love this food truck, even better that it's organic ingredients! Just takes some guilty out of eating out. I had the surf and turf to try the lobster Mac and cheese and the burger, the serving was huge! The burger patty was two layers and super delicious. The Mac and cheese were a little salty so I probably won't get it alone next time. Overall very good value for food trucks

Gross. Got the lobster mac and cheese and it was like soup. Tried it and nearly threw up. Not worth the $12 at all.

Great food. We plan our visit to Orfila Winery for whenever this truck is there. Try the potatoes and the burger

We have a different "gourmet" food truck show up at lunch at work every day, and Organic is probably my favorite, mostly because of the lamb chops and brussels sprouts (with brown rice). But they have a great variety of chicken, fish and veggie choices too. Delicious and healthy!

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Organic Food Truck - 76 Photos & 140 Reviews - Food Trucks ...

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