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Nurture Life is a healthy meal delivery service for all ages, offering dietitian-designed meals that are nutritious and likely appealing to picky eaters.

The company offers finger foods for baby-led weaning, meals for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults, as well as meals that the whole family can share.

The meals are precooked and ready to heat and eat upon arrival.

This article reviews Nurture Life, the types of food it offers, its pricing and delivery, and pros and cons.

Nurture Life is a meal delivery service that offers foods for the whole family, from infants to adults.

The meals are designed by registered dietitians and include organic produce, whole grains, and healthy protein sources.

Theyre fully cooked, so you only need to reheat them prior to eating.

Nurture Life is a weekly subscription service. However, its easy to skip weeks or pause your subscription.

Nurture Life offers several menus with a variety of meal choices for all ages:

Nurture Life uses organic ingredients when available. According to the companys website, the service sources animal proteins from trusted purveyors who meet Nurture Lifes quality and food safety standards.

For example, the company uses antibiotic-free chicken, and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)-certified salmon.

Complete nutrition information and ingredient lists for all meals are available on the Nurture Life website.

To some degree, Nurture Life can accommodate special dietary needs or food allergies.

The company offers several gluten-free meals, but the facility itself uses gluten-containing ingredients, so theres a risk of cross contamination. Therefore, this service may not be right for people with celiac disease.

Additionally, the companys facility is completely free of peanuts and tree nuts, but other common allergens may be used in some dishes.

You can filter meal options by picky eater fav, vegetarian, and soy-, gluten-, egg-, coconut-, fish-, pork-, milk-, and sesame-free.

Note that the vegetarian options are lacto-ovo-vegetarian, so they may contain dairy and eggs.

This table breaks down the pricing for Nurture Life meals:

The minimum order size is $39 with an $8 shipping fee. However, if you spend at least $59, you get free shipping. If you spend at least $79, you get free shipping and 5% off your total. Finally, if you spend at least $99, you receive free shipping and 10% off your total.

If you dont pause, cancel, skip, or change your order by the order cut-off date, you will receive the same shipment you last ordered.

Nurture Life delivers anywhere in the contiguous United States, but it currently doesnt serve Alaska or Hawaii.

The company uses the United Parcel Service (UPS) and United Delivery Service (UDS) for shipping. The meals are not frozen but packaged to stay at or below refrigerated temperatures for at least 48 hours until they arrive at your residence.

To ensure maximum freshness, refrigerate them as soon as you get them. If you dont plan to eat them within 1 week, they can be frozen for up to 90 days.

For orders under $59, shipping costs $8.

For busy families, Nurture Life provides convenient meal options for family members of all ages. The meals are also healthy and packed with fresh, organic produce.

The prices are comparable to those of a restaurant, but the food is likely much more nutritious.

Additionally, the companys pricing structure incentivizes larger orders with free shipping and discounts, so Nurture Life could be a good option for small families and large households alike.

Nurture Life meals can be expensive much more so than comparable infant or toddler meals you may find at the grocery store.

However, the service offers discounts and free shipping for large orders. Plus, if youre regularly spending money dining out, investing in Nurture Life may be worth the expense to give your family some healthier options.

Nurture Life may also not be a good fit for your household if anyone in your family has severe food allergies or needs to follow a strict gluten-free diet for medical reasons like celiac disease.

Overall, Nurture Life is a great choice for families looking for convenient, healthy meals that appeal to children.

Although Nurture Life is more expensive than some alternatives, its meals are designed by registered dietitians, nutritionally balanced, and easy to reheat and eat.

To minimize the cost of each order and since the meals can be frozen for up to 90 days you can easily skip weeks until you can place an order thats $99 or more, which would qualify for free shipping and a 10% discount.

Nurture Life is a meal delivery service that provides heat-and-eat meals for people of all ages. The meals contain healthy ingredients and are designed to appeal to kids and picky eaters.

Although its more expensive than other convenient options like fast food or frozen meals from the grocery store, it may be worth using this service if youre looking for healthier options to feed your family.

Get started with Nurture Life here.

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