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In 1750, the avocado was introduced to Indonesia, in 1833 Florida, in 1908 Israel. It reached Australia in the late 1800s.

Floridas avocado industry is focused on varieties like Choquette, Hall and Lulu large, smooth-skinned fruits with juicy, sweet flesh popular among the salad eaters of the south Florida areas. Florida avocado lovers dislike the California-grown varieties like Haas. They are more oily than juicy and Haas varieties are very small relative to the Florida grown cousins.

There are many diverse ranges for growing avocados in the USA. Florida is the best growing reagion for the varieties listed below. To find out more about avocado growing ranges, refer to the avocado growing map here.

Commercially grown avocados are easy to find in stores, supermarkets and grocers. But, some of the Florida grown varieties are select and harder to find.

Here is a chart showng the different growing regions for avocados in California and Florida.

Shepard. This small avocado, an important commercial variety in Australia, has delicate smooth skin and a pointed, acorn-shaped pit embedded in rich, sticky flesh. A relative of the Hass, it has its obvious similarities in texture, but with a thicker almost gluey consistency. It was a top contender in our lineup. Season*: August through October.

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