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Posted: December 26, 2019 at 10:50 am

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Call to Action

John Stoehrs recent Forum article hit home for me (White liberals dont care enough about fighting Donald Trumps policies or presidency, Dec. 5-11). As a member of the liberal white middle-class, I am inspired to do more than vote. But, I dont know what to do. I refuse to model the intolerant behavior that Trump and his Republicans employ. I believe some liberal movements are falling victim to the hate-based strategy by articulating positions with vindictiveness: We need to rise above that. Where can we march? Where can we sit in? Are there organizations that support efforts to peacefully demonstrate our resistance to fascism? This isnt a rhetorical question. I want to know what to do.Mary Dowson | Monterey

Id say this is spot on. In addition, lets encourage community members to join the growing number of folks budgeting 10-15 minutes a day to civic duty, making phone calls, sending letters/postcards to reps near and far, signing petitions, showing up at the offices of elected officials. Ive heard, None of that makes a difference. This could be considered a convenient, though severely flawed, self-fulfilling prophecy.

Every day many of us have the choice to stand up for our passions. Rather than pontificate, finger point and whine, why not choose to activate ones passions? Might we astound the greedsters with a wave of civic engagement? Surely, there are community members overworked, sick, overwhelmed, unable to join the Resistance. In a civil, just, evolving society, this citizen believes its the duty of the rest of us to fight for the voiceless, the folks who dont have the privilege of using civic engagement to be heard.Scott Douglas Laxier | Del Rey Oaks

John Stoehr really likes to hit people below the belt. He accuses Trump of being a troglodyte, but he behaves and talks like one himself. He writes, And they [white liberals] dont understand, I suspect, because they have not experienced the depth of authoritarianism that animates him [Trump].

This is where Mr. Stoehr stepped on his own manhood. His statement begs a question. Has Mr. Stoehr lived not visited lived under an authoritarian regime and suffered extensive interrogation, been imprisoned in a concentration camp or had relatives executed without benefit of trial? I dont think that he has. My family and I on the other hand actually have experienced this nightmare scenario in Cuba, and we werent just on the outer fringes of these troubles either.

Mr. Stoehr would have you believe that hes seen it all, when he hasnt the vaguest idea. I personally can tell readers unequivocally that President Trump cannot be compared to any despot or psychotic killer that my family and I became familiar with in our country.Maximo A.Gomez | Monterey

May I suggest that all candidates for the County Board of Supervisors race on March 3 refrain from accepting campaign financial and in-kind contributions from seven business political action committees (PACs), campaign consultants and other candidate committees until the California state watchdog enforcement agency, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), is finished with its investigation of money laundering, comingling of funds and lack of transparency in reporting the true origins of funds (Supes pick a connected pal to manage Laguna Seca despite ethics questions, Nov. 21-27). This is not just a case of sloppy record keeping but intentional misleading of the public. The public deserves no less in determining whether the candidates for supervisor are free and clear of association with these groups and individuals while they are under investigation. Candidates and campaigns must treat the voters and the public with respect.Gary Karnes | Pacific Grove

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Such a sacrifice migrant workers face so that we can have the privilege of fresh vegetables (A berry company faces fines for a 2017 pesticide release that sickened dozens of workers, Dec. 5-11).Mark Gutierrez | via Facebook

And then we eat the berries? GreatKelly Shaddox | via Facebook

It is mentioned that the grower that sprayed made a settlement. What should also be mentioned is that farm workers have higher rates of cancers than the rest of the population as a result of their exposure to pesticides including glyphosate (Roundup). I buy only organic food as to do otherwise is to contribute to the premature deaths of farm workers. People may say that organic produce is too expensive but I see people wasting money on bottled water and salty snack foods and beverages comprised of food coloring, corn syrup and carbonated water, every time I am in a checkout line at the market.Bruce Stenman | Prunedale

The homelessness epidemic has increased (Student homelessness in Monterey County has skyrocketed. Heres what those numbers do and dont say, Nov. 21-27). College students should go to school to learn and build a future with food and shelters and rehabilitation support. This issue shall be resolved immediately because these students are going to college to succeed and be our future. Because college is not cheap, the government must assist homeless students with financial support in order for them to achieve their dreams. Every year the homeless population increases, preventing more people from going to college. In order to remedy the poverty-stricken communities in general for those who cannot afford housing or shelters, board members must collaborate with their communities to solidify a plan that would allow every group to succeed in a nation we consider free.Rebeca Jimenez | Salinas

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Letters to the Editor 12.26.19 | Letters - Monterey County Weekly

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