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Daily Detox

Safe & Natural Removal of:


Positively Charged Substances

Metabolic Wastes

Environmental Pollutants

Safe for children


with Natural Whole Food Supplements

Discover the best BONE HEALTH secret!

A Liquid Calcium Dietary Supplement

Provides Bioavailable Calcium


Whole Beet Plant Juice Tablets

Organically Grown

Contains the juice of the leaves, stems, and beet root.

Beets are an organic source of iron,

magnesium, potassium, and sulfur

Daily Maintenance

Detox & Fiber

#7 Detoxificant

#9 Intestinal Cleanser

Keeping Your Colon Clean

Every Day!

Since 1946, Sonnes Organic Foods, Inc., a family owned and operated the company, has maintained its well-respected reputation for quality, efficacy, and natural ingredients. We have pioneered many of the dietary principles used in the market today. Our pure, whole food, nutritional and internal detoxification products nourish and maintain a healthy body giving you optimal health!

Our mission is to educate the consumer on matters of nutrition and health, empowering you and your families with the knowledge to make the right decisions about the foods you eat and the consequences they have.

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Home - Sonnes Organic Foods Inc - Since 1946

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