Flavorful: New restaurant set to bring organic pizza to downtown Hamilton

Posted: January 1, 2015 at 5:50 am

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A new style of restaurant is opening in Hamilton on the corner of Second and Main streets called Flavorful Local Pizza. The Flavorful company is thinking big and dreaming big.

Augusto Gus Daza Obregon is a chef and the chairman of development for Flavorful, and he has a huge vision with lots of partners.

Its going to be awesome, said Obregon. I believe Montana will change the world.

Obregon is originally from South America. He moved to Florida, then he came to Montana and graduated from Columbia Falls High School. Twelve years ago, he graduated from the Institute of Culinary Arts in Fort Lauderdale.

Ive been cooking for a long time; Im the lucky guy that gets to go to all the Stock Farm houses and cook for those awesome people, said Obregon.

Ive really studied the importance of organic food and the importance of nutrition, and Im also a restaurant consultant, so Ive helped a lot of restaurants around the valley and around Missoula. I go in when they are failing and I help them succeed. Ive seen what works the most efficient way in all the restaurants and then I put it all together.

I started coming up with a more innovative way to create the food a faster way. So I can compete with McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut and do it organically.

We plan to keep it 100 percent sustainable and local were helping the farmers with technology and advice to be able to produce food for us that is organically certified.

The floor plan for Flavorful Local Pizza is familiar. The customer will enter the restaurant, go to the counter and convey their desires to Flavorful chefs selecting from different types of dough (including a 100 percent gluten-free option that they are creating), a variety of healthy and flavorful sauces, pizza toppings organic locally grown meat and fresh vegetables and finally the creation is baked in a special oven with radiant heat at 1,000 degrees. The customer then selects what theyd like to drink; Flavorful is working out a contract with Jones Soda, an organic soda company.

By the time you get your soda, your pizza will be ready, said Obregon.

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Flavorful: New restaurant set to bring organic pizza to downtown Hamilton

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