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Netflix's new comedy series Brews Brothers stars Alan Aisenberg, Mike Castle, Flula Borg, and a host of other actors you may recognize.

Netflix's new comedy series Brews Brothers stars Alan Aisenberg and Mike Castle as perpetually feuding brothers who run a struggling brewery, and the supporting cast is filled with actors you may recognize from other shows. Created by Greg Schaffer, Brews Brothersmade its Netflix debut on April 9, 2020.

Wilhelm Rodman (Aisenberg) owns a brewery in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Van Nuys. While he's a talented braumeister who trained with Trappist monks in Belgium, he has no head for business or marketing, and his only regulars are two guys who drink for free. Enter Will's brother, Adam (Castle), who is equally skilled at brewing beer but is obnoxious, pretentious, and horrible at dealing with people. Between them they must find a way to keep Rodman's Brewery above water.

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Besides the Rodman brothers and their employees, there are plenty of faces that show up at the brewery - whether they be customers, potential food truck proprietors, or monks who love to party. Here's a guide to the cast of Brews Brothers, and where you might recognize them from.

Alan Aisenberg as Wilhelm Rodman- Adopted with Adam as a child by a couple of farmers, Will got into brewing beer at a very young age and went on to change his name to Wilhelm so that it would sound more German. Will's relaxed approach to brewing has good results, but his beer-naming skills leave a lot to be desired. Aisenberg is best known for playing C.O. Baxter Bayley in Orange is the New Black.

Mike Castle as Adam Rodman - Will's brother, who hasn't spoken to him since the two of them had a falling out as teenagers. Adam is an incurable snob about beer, turning away customers and potential distributors alike if they don't meet his standards, and considers himself to be better than just about everyone. Castle is best known for starring alongside Ashley Tisdale in the TBS show Clipped.

Carmen Flood as Sarah - Sarah is the only member of the Rodman's Brewery staff who remotely has a head for business. A former MMA fighter who was forced to quit after developing a cauliflower ear, Sarah still has a strong temper and an even stronger left hook. Brews Brothers is Flood's first major role.

Marques Ray as Chuy - Rodman Brewery's most useless employee, Chuy's main motivation is learning how not to run a business by watching Wilhelm (as well as scoring free beer for himself and his friends). Ray is best known for playing Juan-Julio in the ABC comedy series Dr. Ken, and also played Tahani's diminutive fiance Toms in The Good Place.

Zach Reino as Elvis- One of the owners of the Kids Menu food truck that parks outside Rodman's Brewery, Elvis loves organic food and engaging in inappropriate sexual activity with his other half, Becky, while at work. Reino starred in the ABC digital series Serious Music, and also played abar mitvah DJ in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's musical number "Remember That We Suffered."

Inanna Sarkis as Becky - The other owner of Kids Menu, Becky considers herself and Elvis to be spiritually two halves of the same person. Like Elvis she likes organic food and public displays of affection, but has an unfortunate disregard for hygiene. Sarkis initially rose to fame as a YouTube star, and also played Molly in the 2019 romance filmAfter.

Flula Borg as Truffle - One of the monks who bonded with Wilhelm at the monastery in Belgium, Truffle gets his name by being a cheap hook-up for high-quality truffles. Like the rest of the monks, his robes disguise a hedonistic soul who worships beer religiously. Borg is best known for playingPieter Krmer, one of the leadsingers of Das Sound Machine, in Pitch Perfect 2.

James Earl as Matt - One of the members of Rodman's Brewery's Founders Circle, who is a permanent fixture at the brewery because he gets to drink for free. Earl is best known for playing Chamberlain Jackson in Scream Queens.

Mike Mitchell as Jack - The other original member of the Founders Circle, Jack has been enjoying limitless beer for the bargain upfront price of $500, though his waistline has suffered in the process. Mitchell is best known for playing Randy Monahan in the Netflix series Love.

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