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Posted: April 10, 2020 at 2:49 am

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Food and pantry box deliveryfrom local restaurants and food providers have been showing how creative locals can be when it comes to feeding the community. Bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and wholesalers of allstripes have beencoming up with ways to provide people with staples and take the pressure of bigger grocery stores right now. Why line up?

Here are some food and pantry box optionsin Toronto.

Get boxes of items like kombucha, sourdough and coffee for delivery or pickup through this innovative project run in part by a local bar.

DM this private chop club run by a Toronto steakhouse to buy prime cuts.

Smoked fish and even items like caviar are available from this wholesaler for your gourmet pantry.

Get a $50 pantry box of baked goods from this wholesaler or put together your own from a selection of items like juice, cookies, bread, granola and soup.

This store is bundling together "Stay Healthy at Home Care Packages" loaded up with vegan items.

Get delivery on staples of eggs, milk, butter, sugar and flour through local delivery by this store if you don't want to leave the house for just a few things.

This shop has been doing pickup pop-ups selling bagels, lox, cream cheese, salads, capers, pickled jalapenos, olives and much more.

Get a totally vegan "Stay at Home Box" via this food provider that includes options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This cafe has been doing market boxes, with options that are even oriented towardsbaked goods and vegan items.

Get delivery of protein or produce boxes through this caterer.

This Lebanese restaurant has been putting together vegan takeout packages as well as dinners for two and mezza.

Pantry items like soups and sauces, fresh pasta and snacks are available from this caterer.

Food items like chips, guacamole, granola, conservas and chorizo along with wine and coffee are available from this cafe's online shop.

Local delivery is available on all sorts of high-end grocery items and meats from this combination butcher shop and restaurant.

This restaurant chain has started up its own "market," meaning you can get pantry staples like rice, coffee, olive oil and pasta.

Assemble an order of proteins, starches, sides, salads and breads through this service run by Food Dudes.

This organic food provider is delivering plant boxes of juices, wraps, dips, crackers and other snacks.

This restaurant is putting together "Grassroots Food Boxes" containing items like meat, fish, toilet paper, coffee, flour, beer and cheese with an emphasis on local sourcing.

Order a home package of fruits and veggies from this fruit delivery service.

Order a produce box, or bread or meat from this food security program, with profitssupporting community efforts.

If you're finding it hard to eat healthy while working from home, here's the solution for you: this company has put together a produce box designed specially for at-home workers.

This store has put together a selection of produce bags of varying sizes containing popular offerings.

Organic products and local food can be delivered to your specifications via this service, though they're temporarily not accepting new customers for some routes due to demand.

Call this store for pickup or delivery of cheeses, crackers, soups, meat, bread, pasta and dips.

Orders must be placed two days in advance for a box full of items of your choosing including prepared foods, snacks, bakery items, chocolate, tea, coffee, vegetables, fruit, beer, wine and more.

This juice purveyor now offers a vegetable and fruit box that can delivered starting at $55.

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25 food box and pantry supply delivery options in Toronto - blogTO

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