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Posted: December 4, 2020 at 5:50 am

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CHATHAM In conjunction with the Chatham Synagogue, the Chatham Public Library will host the online presentation FDR and the Jewish Question: Did the President Do Enough? at 2 p.m. Dec. 6.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is deemed by many to be the greatest President of the 20th Century for his leadership during the Great Depression and WWII. With regard to the Holocaust, FDRs goal was to win the war as quickly as possible and to save as many people as was consistent with that priority. Most historians from the time of the Presidents death until the mid-1980s agreed that Roosevelt did all he could to help save Jews in a time of strong anti-Semitism here at home. Some contemporary historians, however, have found FDRs foreign policy leadership lacking when it comes to dealing with Hitlers genocide of six million Jews. Did Roosevelt achieve as much for humanity as he might have in dealing with the Jewish Question?

Roosevelt researchers and Hudson Valley historians Linda Bouchey and Al Vinck have spent time studying both sides of this question and will attempt to clarify this conundrum on Dec. 6. As Roosevelt educators at Hyde Park, FDRs presidential retreat, they will offer background information on this countrys isolationism and right-winged conservatism, which restricted President Roosevelts ability to deal with Americas own version of Nazism as well as Europes fascism. Bouchey and Vinck will discuss how the U.S. State Department restricted efforts to save those fleeing Nazi horrors. Eleanor Roosevelts views will be examined, as the First Lady had a decidedly different perspective from the Presidents. Lastly, parallels will be drawn to the modern-day question of immigration to this country, which is once again dividing Americans.

The program is open to the public and will be followed by a Q & A. Log in at 1:45 p.m. for pre-discussion. To sign up, contact the library, or sign up online at the librarys website

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Library hosts online presentation 'FDR and the Jewish Question' - Hudson Valley 360

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