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Posted: February 27, 2020 at 12:47 am

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Estefany Henriquez, Reporter February 25, 2020

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Walter Stiern Library Dean Curt Asherrecently announced his upcoming retirementfrom CSU Bakersfield. Dean Asher will depart in June 2020.

Asher was chartered as a librarian in 1998, having the roles of interlibrary loan and grants coordinator as well as campusarchivist.Later, he became the librarys collection development coordinator and co-director of the Title V library internship program. Asher has shown a passion for giving the students at CSUB an improving library, along with more resources to benefit them in the long run.

According to Asher, his time at CSUB has been the greatest experience of his life. He says that the library has made a huge contribution to the success of students.Many students utilize the library and its resources, and are able to get the help they need. Over his 22 years at CSUB,Asher has contributed to the librarys success in many ways, such as extending the librarys hours. He did this through a survey asking students What is the most important thing to you? Seeing multiple responses stating that students wanted longer library hours and more study space,Asher extended the library hours to be open until 1 a.m. and openedup a 24-hour study space. Asher also implemented more group study rooms, added a number of quiet study areas, and opened Walters Coffee and Snack Bar.

Another of Ashers accomplishments as dean is bringing in lecturers, poets, artists, musicians, events, panel discussions to the library.

Ibelievethat bringing knowledge to people is not just about bringing books but bringing information from people who have stories to tell, said Asher.

According to Asher,the library is the hub of the campus, going on to explain that the library iswhere people come and take what they learn in the classroom and apply it here by doing research and the papers one writes.

The library staff has shared that it has been a pleasure working alongside Asher.

Genesis Ramirez, the electronic resource manager, said, He presents himself in a professional manner but is also very approachable.

According to Ramirez, Asher has always been present and available for the students, and holds the mentality of catering to the students needs as well as thestaffs. Library Chair Sandra Bozarth has been working with Asher for about 15 years.

It has always been very positive to work with him, and as an administrator he has been very open-minded to ideasand projects we come to him with. said Bozarth.

Bozarthalso acts as theAffordable Learning Solutions coordinator, a campus project that works to drive down the costs of textbooks.

According to Bozarth, Asher was very supportive about this program, and he knew it was going to be something big. She was hesitant to join this program at first, but with Ashers support. Bozarthwas able to become the coordinator for this very helpful project.

As much as it pains the staff to see Asher off, they appreciate the work he has put into making the library the hub of campus. We thank you for your accomplishments and achievements, Dean Asher.

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