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Posted: February 27, 2020 at 12:47 am

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To the Editor:

In the 19th century, the nations libraries were more about warehousing and protecting materials than on circulation, making knowledge and information accessible to the elite few. At the end of the century, that model changed based on a vision by Andrew Carnegie to make information such as books, magazines, newspapers easily available to all. He dedicated over 65 million dollars of his money to communities to build public libraries. This vision significantly contributed to the increased general knowledge of all our citizens.

Through the 20th century, the libraries' mission continued to grow to include children's areas, book sharing with other libraries, the Dewey Decimal System to name a few.

Today, due to a digitized world, the library is no longer just about reading materials. It has evolved into a cultural and community center where many services are provided. Our library in North Hampton offers lecture presentations, videos, WIFI computer access, storytimes, book clubs, knitting and crafting groups, movie of the week, tween time, teen time for all to enjoy.

Some would say, with the advent of home computers, IPads, and other electronic devices, a library is not necessary. After all, information is available on Wikipedia and many other sources. The short answer is we dont need libraries under the 20th century model.

I submit that libraries are more important today than ever. It is a place where the community meets for social and learned interactions. Access to high-speed internet services, exposure to a world of knowledge, downloadable eBooks, audio eBooks, videos and music, a mobile app to take it with you, 3D printing (so you can hold what you have imagined), virtual reality, technology applied to a learning environment, innovative learning, creative learning (where you can unleash your imaginings), continued summer reading programs, coordinated learning with the local school system, and a librarian to help you use all these services are and can be available for all. These programs, offerings, and environment are what my family enjoy at our library and cultural center in North Hampton.

On March 10, the citizens of North Hampton have an opportunity to vote for a brand new 21st-century library on the Homestead property. Remember, the library is 6 percent of the town budget. But it is used by more than 1,600 people monthly. Please vote yes on Article 9.

Paul Marquis

North Hampton

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