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Posted: January 4, 2020 at 12:50 am

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Public Library

Did you know the library has a large selection of paperbacks of many genres?

Sometimes there are occasions when we all need reading material for vacations, doctor's appointments, dining alone, etc. This is when a paperback fills the bill.

Sometimes we look through the stacks of the library and can't find the title or the author we are in the mood to read. Check out the paperback section. Just maybe what is needed is in that section.

This paperback section is like a kaleidoscope of titles, rotating in and out, changing periodically as we receive donations.

For those who like romance novels, inspirational romance novels they are here. For those like mysteries, both the cozies and the suspense, there are plenty to choose from.

Historical series, westerns, Amish stories, classical fiction, spy thrillers also fill these shelves.

You will find your favorite authors such as Patterson, Roberts, Steel, Child, Brunstetter, Macomber and we even have a series of Shakespeare's plays.

You might also find an author you have not heard of or read previously. It is not possible for a library to purchase every work of every author, so here is where the lesser-knowns might pop up for a change of pace. If you want to read more of that author, we can request other titles from our inter-library loan program.

How do these books get here? Why do the titles rotate? We get most of our paperbacks as donations from patrons. They rotate because the shelf space is limited and paperbacks show wear somewhat quickly. Here is where patrons are our best source. If you pick up a paperback for a quick read, or have read through a series and are looking for somewhere to re-home your copies, we will take them. We just ask that the books be in good condition, from smoke-free, mold-free environments.

So, next time you stop by the library, look over our paperback section. You may take as many as you wish and keep them for a month. They do not go through our regular checkout system.

As a local store advertises, "You won't find everything, but you might find anything!"

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Books to Borrow Williamsburg Library Recommends - Morrisons Cove Herald

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