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The Perfect Couple Enter the Perfect Exclusive World Records in Paper Cutting Art and Mimicry

The Perfect Couple (Husband- Chethan Koppa (32) & Wife, Akshatha Kudla (26)) Enter the Perfect Exclusive World Records in making the largest paper cutting Art using papers and stencil; and making Highest number of mimicry sounds in one minute, respectively. Akshatha is a Kannada teacher at St Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mangaluru, while Chethan is in-charge ofa Govt School in Ulaibettu.

Mangaluru : Whatever the Mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve said Napolean Hill, therefore each one of us has at least one unique quality which is different from others, and for that matter, Exclusive World Record ( EWR ) welcomes such people / Organisation for shining in the world. EWR has been established in 2019 as a record book and organised by Lata Foundation. Exclusive World Records is the trademark of its owner being used by Lata Foundation under exclusive rights conferred by the owner of the said trademark.

Exclusive World Records aims to provide a platform to those people who have some talent or quality (Either single or group of person), and want to have their name in the sky and who desire shining like twinkle star by attempting or by doing unique activities. In this world every person has a unique talent which is different from the rest of the world. And here we have a young couple, both Teachers, who have made it into the Exclusive World Records, with unique talents of theirs.

Meet Ms Akshatha Kudla (26) and Chethan Koppa (32), a young couple who are Kannada teachers have entered the Exclusive World Records with their unique talent. The duo are associated with Mangaluru based Gopadkar Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra, which aims to create an alternative to the existing system of education through painting, mimicry, dance and other art forms. Akshatha and Chethan have now inspired many others by entering Exclusive World Records, where Chethan had created the largest paper cutting of Mahatma gandhi, while Akshatha has performed 40 different mimicry sounds in just one minute.

26-year-old Ms Akshatha Kudla is a Kannada teacher at St Aloysius Gonzaga school-Mangaluru, who achieved the Exclusive World Records certificate for making 40 different mimicry sounds in a one minute. It is learnt that Akshatha was the only woman contestant out of eighteen who made it to final list. Over 800 contestants participated in the mimicry contest. Speaking to Team Mangalorean she said ,I can perform various mimicry sounds including vehicles sound, musical instruments, sounds of birds/animals etc in just one minute. In this contest, I mimicked 40 different sounds. The jury present in the contest was surprised looking at my talent. I want to encourage students to do multi-tasking. I learnt the art of mimicking at Gopadkar school and this has helped me to keep the students more engaged and support them in developing their mimicking skills.

32-year-old Chethan Koppa, a resident of Koppa in Chikkamagaluru, and who is a paper cutting artist, has entered the Exclusive World Records for making largest paper cutting art using papers and stencil. Presently Chethan is in-charge headmaster at Government Higher Primary School in Ulaibettu. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Chethan said, My achievement will encourage hundreds of students especially those who are studying in government schools, to exhibit their talents. I secured the certificate by making the largest portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. I used white and black paper sheets measuring 11 ft long and 10.6 ft in width to make Gandhis portrait on 2 October 2019 in Mangaluru during Gandhi Namana programme. Chandan Suresh who is also a student of Gopadkar Swaroopa Adhyana Kendra inspired me to achieve the feat

Son of Babanna and Parvathy from Chikkamagaluru, Chethan has also authored few books including Amma Mattomme Kshamisu, and Asmithe, Muhurtha Sariyilla. He has also directed plays including Kade Koogu and Bangarada Rekke, and is serving as a resource person of Guruchethana programme by the education department. In addition, Chethan was also part of interactive sessions held with thousands of students under Akshaya Teru programme. Being a research teacher at Gopadkar Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra, Chethan was part of several awareness programmes with an aim to transform lives of children for the last seven years.

As they say, You Can Do Anything, and Together We Can Do More, and for that matter, Chethan and Akshatha are no doubt special from others, having entered the Exclusive World Record with their each unique talent. The couple are not going to stop here, they still aim to achieve more. While Chethan has an aim to make 50 x 50 sized paper cutting, Akshatha wants to beat the world record by singing continuously for 106 hours. Team Mangalorean wishes the Made-For-Each-Othercouple all success in their future ventures.

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The Perfect Couple Enter the Perfect Exclusive World Records in Paper Cutting ... -

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