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Posted: February 13, 2021 at 10:52 pm

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As companies in the UAE scale up their adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) implementation, a new report suggests that UAE organisations are now on par with their global counterparts in boasting mature capabilities in these fields.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of organisations in the wider EMEA regionincluding the UAEare still at the early stages of exploring the technologys potential (52%) or still require significant organisational work to implement an AI/ML solution (36%).

These are the key findings of new research from Rackspace Technology Inc, an end-to-end, multi-cloud technology solutions company, which revealed that the majority of organisations lack the internal resources to support critical AI and ML initiatives.The survey, Are Organisations Succeeding at AI and Machine Learning?,indicates that while many organisations are eager to incorporate AI and ML tactics into operations, they typically lack the expertise and existing infrastructure needed to implement mature and successful AI/ML programmes.

This study shines a light on the struggle to balance the potential benefits of AI and ML against the ongoing challenges of getting AI/ML initiatives off the ground. While some early adopters are already seeing the benefits of these technologies, others are still trying to navigate common pain points such as lack of internal knowledge, outdated technology stacks, poor data quality or the inability to measure ROI.

Other key findings of the report include the following:

Countries across EMEA, including the UAE, are lagging behind in AI and ML implementation, which can be hindering their competitive edge and innovation, said Simon Bennett, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, Rackspace Technology. Globally were seeing IT decision-makers turn to these technologies to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Working with a trusted third-party provider, organisations can enhance their AI/ML projects moving beyond the R&D stage and into initiatives with long-term impacts.

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Rackspace Technology Study uncovers AI and Machine Learning knowledge gap in the UAE - Intelligent CIO ME

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