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Posted: January 19, 2021 at 4:49 pm

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ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- San Diego-based Mission Healthcare, one of the largest home health, hospice, and palliative care providers in California, will adopt Muse Healthcare's machine learning and predictive modeling tool to help deliver a more personalized level of care to their patients.

The Muse technology evaluates and models every clinical assessment, medication, vital sign, and other relevant data to perform a risk stratification of these patients. The tool then highlights the patients with the most critical needs and visually alerts the agency to perform additional care. Muse Healthcare identifies patients as "Critical," which means they have a greater than 90% likelihood of passing in the next 7-10 days. Users are also able to make accurate changes to care plans based on the condition and location of the patient. When agencies use Muse's powerful machine learning tool, they have an advantage and data proven outcomes to demonstrate they are providing more care and better care to patients in transition.

According to Mission Healthcare's Vice President of Clinical and Quality, Gerry Smith, RN, MSN, Muse will serve as an invaluable tool that will assist their clinicians to enhance care for their patients. "Mission Hospice strives to ensure every patient receives the care and comfort they need while on service, and especially in their final days. We are so excited that the Muse technology will provide our clinical team with additional insights to positively optimize care for patients at the end of life. This predictive modeling technology will enable us to intervene earlier; make better decisions for more personalized care; empower staff; and ultimately improve patient outcomes."

Mission Healthcare's CEO, Paul VerHoeve, also believes that the Muse technology will empower their staff to provide better care for patients. "Predictive analytics are a new wave in hospice innovation and Muse's technology will be a valuable asset to augment our clinical efforts at Mission Healthcare. By implementing a revolutionary machine learning tool like Muse, we can ensure our patients are receiving enhanced hands-on care in those critical last 7 10 days of life. Our mission is to take care of people, with Muse we will continue to improve the patient experience and provide better care in the final days and hours of a patient's life."

As the only machine learning tool in the hospice industry, the Muse transitions tool takes advantage of the implemented documentation within the EMR. This allows the agency to quickly implement the tool without disruption. "With guidance from our customers in the hundreds of locations that are now using the tool, we have focused on deploying time saving enhancements to simplify a clinician's role within hospice agencies. These tools allow the user to view a clinical snapshot, complete review of the scheduled frequency, and quickly identify the patients that need immediate attention. Without Muse HC, a full medical review must be conducted to identify these patients," said Tom Maxwell, co-Founder of Muse Healthcare. "We are saving clinicians time in their day, simplifying the identification challenges of hospice, and making it easier to provide better care to our patients. Hospice agencies only get one chance to get this right," said Maxwell.

CEO of Muse Healthcare, Bryan Mosher, is also excited about Mission's adoption of the Muse tool. "We welcome the Mission Healthcare team to the Muse Healthcare family of customers, and are happy to have them adopt our product so quickly. We are sure with the use of our tools,clinicians at Mission Healthcare will provide better care for their hospice patients," said Mosher.

About Mission Healthcare

As one of the largest regional home health, hospice, and palliative care providers in California, San Diego-based Mission Healthcare was founded in 2009 with the creation of its first service line, Mission Home Health. In 2011, Mission added its hospice service line. Today, Mission employs over 600 people and serves both home health and hospice patients through Southern California. In 2018, Mission was selected as a Top Workplace by the San Diego Union-Tribune. For more information visit https://homewithmission.com/.

About Muse Healthcare

Muse Healthcare was founded in 2019 by three leading hospice industry professionals -- Jennifer Maxwell, Tom Maxwell, and Bryan Mosher. Their mission is to equip clinicians with world-class analytics to ensure every hospice patient transitions with unparalleled quality and dignity. Muse's predictive model considers hundreds of thousands of data points from numerous visits to identify which hospice patients are most likely to transition within 7-12 days. The science that powers Muse is considered a true deep learning neural network the only one of its kind in the hospice space. When hospice care providers can more accurately predict when their patients will transition, they can ensure their patients and the patients' families receive the care that matters most in the final days and hours of a patient's life. For more information visit http://www.musehc.com.


Mission Healthcare of San Diego Adopts Muse Healthcare's Machine Learning Tool - Southernminn.com

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