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There are some who have gone underground or changed their names.

But at least one Nxivm follower of Keith Alan Raniere is proud enough of her mentor to boldly proclaim she is available for life coaching and her technique is Ranieres own Rational Inquiry.

Bravo, Siobhan Hotaling.

Readers may recall Siobhan one of Allison Macks slaves an openly gay follower of Nxivm and lover of the concepts of DOS who was a coach, therapist and salesperson for Nxivm. She also was a lead singer in Ranieres a Capella singing group Simply Human.

Raniere told her that one day she would eclipse Beyonce in fame and musical accolades.

While many scattered after the Vanguards arrest and went underground while others left the noble Vanguard even some of his longtime followers Hotaling is true blue and is even searching for new recruits by advertising on her website that she is available for life coaching and consulting.

Here is what she writes about herself she was:

She also writes about her important role in Nxivm saying that she was:

Member of the team that ran the New York City branch of the company; oversaw and mentored several groups of apprentice coaches, running multiple committees, teaching and overseeing ongoing classes

Worked with clients from all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe on a weekly basis to move them on their personal and professional goals; one of the top practitioners in Rational Inquiry, a process to help people resolve inconsistencies in their thought and belief process.

My primary fields of expertise are the following:

Shes a gal that has it all.

But her specialty is teaching the tech that Raniere invented.

She writes she was in the past a:

Executive Success ProgramsFeb 2006 June 2011

Taught intensive trainings across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Responsible for managing staff of up to 15 team members, created feasibility reports and budgets, coordinated all necessary components to run trainings, presented to and led groups of up to 40 students.

But happily, she is still teaching Ratinal Inquiry even though Nxivm and Executive Success Programs have suspended their classes.

Hotaling is one of the true diehards of Nxivm a long-time recruiter, teacher and she helped get women into slavery under Keith Alan Raniere for their empowerment, she said.

She has also been alleged to have been one of Nxivms money mules who helped bring cash across the border as part of the Nxivm enterprise to help fund the worldwide mission outside the oppressive hand of government.

In addition to her coaching entire groups, Hotaling was one of the leading Exploration of Meaning therapists in all of Nxivm from which she derived a significant part of her income. She charged upwards of $100 per hour to sit one-on-one while her clients explored their deep past and Hotaling made notes to consult with Raniere over.

Often is the time, Hotaling told Raniere some interesting detail of some young and attractive slender Nxivm woman solely for Raniere to have some insights on how he could mentor her better.

Filled with vivacity and verve, here is what one friend said about her Never have I heard anyone describe you as less than amazing. You were always fun, insightful and confident. You did your thing and your thing is amazing. You were born amazing, you are still amazing. You dont need anyones guidance. Follow your moral compass!

You can hear her music here:

Siobhan also helped Dr. Danielle Roberts, the famed branding doctor of DOS, run a yoga-type Raniere group [meant to lure in women who liked yoga] named Exo/eso.Siobhan helped ensure that any woman who took the course who seemed suitably slender and pliable was introduced to Raniere for higher teachings.

She recruited yoga teachers.

And here is where Clare Bronfman helped out before a woman first took the exo/eso course which has elements of Hatha yoga [postures and breathing exercises- that are thousands of years old and have been available in written form since the Hatha Yoga Pradpika ca 1650], they had to sign confidentiality agreements.

When women came to misunderstand that exo/eso classes were just overpriced yoga classes [the course costs thousands yoga classes, if there is a charge at all are in the $20 range] and failed to appreciate the Raniere special teachings including that Raniere should be the ultimate guru -and they quit the women were often confronted with a serious problem.

Clare and Siobhan told them that they cant teach yoga anymore because they stole it from exo/eso and they signed confidentiality agreements that forbid it.

Clare actually stopped one young lady from Canada who I interviewed a yoga teacher form earning a living by threatening that her that the [ancient] yoga practices she was going to teach were derived from Keith Ranieres tech as taught to her in exo/eso.

When she tried to argue that she had been teaching yoga for years before she took exo/eso and that she was only teaching the same thing she taught before, Clare told her that litigation is meant for those who try to steal Ranieres tech.

She backed down and called me. Despite my assurances that Raniere did not invent the shoulder stand, she was too frightened to pursue it and chose not to teach.

In this way, Hotaling helped Raniere get a foothold in the world of yoga.

Ah, but such is the world of life coaching and enlightenment as taught by Raniere and his followers Raniere is in prison and exo/eso is basically stalled and, funny enough, yoga whether inspired by Raniere or by its ancient roots continues to be taught in nearly every city in America.

She sang at Raniere-events such as Vanguard Week before the event was canceled due to Ranieres imprisonment.

Here is a description, I wrote, pre-Vanguard arrest, of one of her singing events at Vanguard Week:

Miss Hotaling, scheduled to play on stage at Vanguard Week. Everybody is waiting. Raniere is an hour late. He comes out of his cottage, with some woman. The smell of mentoring that woman is on his face and a hastily eaten hamburger on his breath. He is surrounded by more women who study his technology pressing near him as he strolls into the auditorium.

He is satiated and rests in his seat. His followers who waited for him to come in, also come in and sit down.

The concert starts an hour late. Miss Hotaling goes on stage and picks up her guitar. She is an old lady. She sings. Mr. Raniere is not listening. He is surrounded by adoring women waiting for a look or a gesture from him so they can squeal with inner delight.

Miss Hotaling finishes a song and it takes the audience a few seconds to realize its over. They were not listening. The silence awakes them. Then they dutifully applaud.

She starts her next song. Everyone is bored except Miss Hotaling. She is in love with the sound of her own voice.

If Keith Raniere is not laughing inside at the fools that he despises, he may have a kindly lesson: Dont be Miss Hotaling

In between posting songs on the internet that nobody will listen to, Hotaling is out selling this hot new yoga technology created by Keith Raniere.

A joke is told in Raniere village: Keiths new yoga technology is hot. Not like Hot Yoga. Hotter. So hot, it should be branded.

No story about Hotaling could be complete without telling the story of her ethical breach.

Evidently, she and her gal pal wanted to have a child and Raniere offered his sperm inserted personally by his wondrous member.

Hotaling did not immediately opt for the golden ones seed at least the way it was offered, according to the oft-told story and confirmed at the trial of Ranier.

Without telling anyone the reason why, Raniere declared she had an ethical breach. Hotaling was not allowed to tell the reason she had committed her breach.

It is also reported that he was not really planning on getting her pregnant he simply wanted to fuck a gay woman.

If you are thinking of a life coach that could help you become a lifelong slave this is the woman for you.

You may contact her through her website

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Siobhan Hotaling Is Alive and Well and Teaching Nxivm Tech - Frank Report

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