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Lola Vanderstrand spent years working in audio for major media companies like CBS and Oprah Winfrey Company, but like so many women who are born entrepreneurs she desired more meaning from her day to day life. When Vanderstand began examining some of her past relationships, she also started studying affirmations, neuro-linguistic programming, brainwave entrainment and the law of attraction. Using her background in audio production she started to produce her own pieces and thus Then Comes Love was born. Today the Great Malvern, England-based entrepreneur is a certified professional life coach, relationship expert and hypnotherapist who uses personalized audio to help facilitate change in her clients lives.

Vanderstands story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

Sometime ago, I seemed to have what I wanted. I worked for major media companies including CBS and the Oprah Winfrey company. But I desired a more fulfilling life and a relationship with meaning and I didnt understand what was taking so long. I got serious about myself, believing that I wouldnt have this strong yearning or desire, if it was not meant to manifest. I took responsibility for my past relationships and mistakes, forgave myself and those involved. I started to focus on my future and what I wanted. I read books about how we all function differently in relationship depending on how we were brought up, our experiences in past relationships, what we have learned and what we hold on to, the stories we tell ourselves about what happens to us and our limiting beliefs and barriers. I marvelled at the different mindsets, love languages and styles of communication. I learned and practiced letting go and forgiveness. I took responsibility, decided to stop lamenting and just get on with it. I studied affirmations, neuro-linguistic programming and work with brainwave entrainment and the law of attraction. Incorporating theses to produce my own audio featuring what I had learned, I listened to the audio every day and night and it changes my mindset and helps me to manifest my goals. Through this time of study and self-reflection, I discovered part of my purpose. I wanted to use my background in media production to help people manifest their desires. To break through the barriers that hold us back from leading the life we all want. I became certified as a Hypnotherapist and trained to be a coach. Now I produce audio to facilitate change and use coaching hypnotherapy to help others.

My definition of success entails having financial security for that is needed to fulfil my purpose. My purpose of helping my clients achieve their goals comes from a mindset of what is possible and not living from a place of lack. It is having the confidence to be visible and not worry about the fear of judgement from others. Its in realizing that people are already judging me no matter what I do. My definition of success entails working to have financial security for that is what is needed to fulfil my purpose to help my clients. It also entails being of service to my clients, even if that means sharing my stories of failure because thats how we grow. It is important to me that I help my clients become aware and acknowledge the barriers that hold them back from achieving what they are meant for. So many times we become stuck in what is comfortable and safe because we dont think we deserve anything more or because we notice the way our counterparts earn more. This is because weve lowered our standards to becoming unworthy. It is so rewarding to help a client navigate through the stages of lack to success

One of my biggest success so far is being a recipient of the Gracie Award from The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation. But perhaps my biggest success is having the courage to follow in the direction I feel I am being led by the Divine.

There is something powerful about asking for help and Im so glad I did. I hired a virtual assistant and got professional help when building my website. My top challenge at the moment is coming out of the shell of an introvert and becoming more visible in helping clients using coaching hypnotherapy in business. I pride myself on being a quiet bird, and nothing makes me happier than reverting to my quiet moments as a Quaker. The world is becoming a place where people do not feel safe and are triggered by what is a continuing pattern. In the face of violence and injustice, people need to feel safe and have a space to share and grow and contemplate on what is possible for us as a global community. If I need to come out of my quiet introvert self to help then I get to make a small impact on that possibility. To address that possibility means remembering to have faith as a human and being able to direct my mindset to positivity, to be able to look for and find what it good about the world and choosing to help others find that too.

I can be quite independent and so I am my own role model. Though I do also admire, Jen Sincero, Maxine Nwaneri, Jennifer Grace and perhaps Oprah.

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Shes Using Hypnotherpay to Help Her Clients Create Change in Their Lives - The Story Exchange

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