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Posted: September 17, 2020 at 12:54 am

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PENDLETON When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it ushered in change for physical therapist Rachel Ferguson, who worked for a large company managing a statewide program.

Instead of accepting an offer of a different position within the company, Ferguson decided to strike out on her own. In alliance with several others, she launched Wholistic Wellness Services, a business that is home to a range of services, including physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga, dance and more.

We all coordinate in the same building, we all market from the same website, but each is doing their own individual program, Ferguson said.

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The business is located at 227 S. Pendleton Ave., in a two-story house Ferguson said has been used for commercial purposes since the mid-1900s. In recent years, its been home to The Real Estate Pros of Keller Williams and The Story Shop.

Inside Wholistic Wellness, there are three treatment rooms, an exercise/fitness area, a 10-person conference room (available for rent), a kitchenette and a bathroom.

Ferguson, a Bloomington native, has been a Pendleton resident since 2003, two years after earning a masters degree in physical therapy from the University of Evansville with certifications in ergonomic specialty and nutrition.

In addition to physical therapy and nutrition coaching, she provides spiritual and financial coaching.

Independent contractors who also provide services at Wholistic Wellness include:

Jen Angel Massage therapist

Angela Miller Speech pathologist, reiki therapist

Alisha Miller Physical therapist and nutrition coach

Katy Pearson Yoga instructor (SLO-Flow)

Nikki Witham Reiki therapist and yoga (yin) and barre instructor

Danielle McLaughlin womens worship dance and exercise, and toddler dance instructor

Danielle Brossart Essential oil instructor with Young Living

Kyra Conatser Life coach and CPR/First Aid instructor

Ferguson said there are other providers of similar services in the area, and some of the independent contractors working at Wholistic were among them.

She said and the other service providers at Wholistic are looking to grow, but theyre not necessarily in competition with other providers.

With yoga, for instance, there are many different styles, and the times classes are offered are different, partly by happenstance and partly by design.

Also, she said, she doesnt want to interrupt peoples routines if what theyre doing works for them.

Ultimately, the facility at Wholistic, were trying to provide an environment that brings an opportunity for people to come in and find any opportunity to improve their overall life, she said. So were not wanting to take away from where theyre getting enjoyment or improvement in their life already.

The business opened May 14, after state COVID-19 restrictions were lifted for massage therapy.

So far, business has been good, she said, with the biggest challenges being pandemic related, either directly or indirectly. COVID-19 and the resulting fluctuating school schedule has been a significant challenge alone, she said.

I think the biggest piece is whats the right way to get visibility out into the community and understanding how things have changed, just the approach people take to joining classes, to just setting up appointments, just trying to find the right way to market to where people are currently around COVID.

Trying to meet people where theyre at, whether they want in-person classes, small-group classes which all of our classes are going to be small groups, our fitness classes are going to be no more than 10 people in a class at a time but just trying to find what fits with peoples schedules.


Business name: Wholistic Wellness Services

Address: 227 S. Pendleton Ave.

Hours of operation: See class and appointment schedule at

Phone number: 765-360-9447

Services provided: Physical therapy, massage therapy, Reiki, nutrition coaching, small group exercise classes of yoga, barre and worship dance, and educational classes, which include Financial Peace University, CPR/First Aid, essential oil classes

Owner(s): Rachel Ferguson

Number of employees: There are eight independent business owners affiliated with the facility.

Do you own/have you ever owned another business? If so, which one(s)?

I have run and managed physical therapy outpatient and wellness clinics in the past.

How did you get into the wellness business?

A request by other business owners to partner in one location.

What aspect of the business do you like most?

Helping people come to live their life to their greatest potential in business, health, nutrition and fitness

How has COVID-19 affected your business plan?

It has made it harder to inform the community what we do; however, with our small group atmosphere for classes, we have been able to safely maintain social distancing and cleaning requirements.

What are your hopes for the business?

To be a location that brings peace and healing to people and the community.

Is there anything else you think people would want to know or find interesting about you or your business?

There is conference room space available for class, small group or even business interviewing with seating space for 10 and projection capabilities. Or the front porch is open and available for sitting and socializing.

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Service goal: 'Improve their overall life' - Pendleton Times-Post

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