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During his wrestling career, Adam Santees accomplishments, beginning atPerry High School in Ohio and extending to his time at Brown University, areimpressive by most anyones standards. Selected as a captain for the PerryWrestling team, he twice received All-Ohio honors and finished second in thestate tournament as a junior, matching the schools all-time record. Twice aqualifier for the state meet, Adam also became a District Qualifier on fourseparate occasions and a Chagrin Valley Conference Champion. Although theUniversity of North Carolina, Michigan, Penn State, Penn and Brown were alleager to recruit him, Adam opted for Brown University, where he received anathletic and academic grant. For three years, he was a starter and letterwinner for the Brown Wrestling program who also had the role of team captainbestowed upon him. Capping off his list of achievements was an All-Ivy Leagueselection and being a recipient of the Marvin Wilenzik Award, which is awardedto the athlete who gave the most back to Brown.

Adam Santee was on an Academic All-American team at Brown en route towardsgraduating with a degree in Political Science & Comparative Politics.Currently working in the financial sector at Wells Fargo Securities, it seems Adamhas taken many of the lessons that he has absorbed from wrestling and appliedthem to his work and everyday life.

I believe that Adam credits his coaches at Perry for most any and allsuccess that he has had. Coach BobRitley and Coach Mike Ryan at Perry high school were mainstays in hisdevelopment. Coach Ritley brought on amentality and mantra that many use for the rest of their lives. Those who staywill be champions meaning those who stay the course, those who choose not toquit and stay the course will eventually be rewarded. They believed in a mantraof Team then Me that the larger collective group, was much more powerful andsuccessful than the individual. CoachRitley played at the University of Michigan and taught players like Adam thevalues and skills it takes to be successful in life. Coach Ritley made playerslike Adam and his teammates believe in the process and the program.

Perry Coach Mike Ryan lived by the credo send a message. Whether this was to your opponent, or anyonein life that you come across, it is essential that you let your opponent knowthat you are a formidable almost immediately. Mike Ryan coached Adam inbaseball, football and wrestling. He wasnot afraid to call someone out or humble someone when needed. Mike is what I call the embodiment of thecharacter ethic. That is those whocontinue to do the right thing at all times and work to their absolute limits,will eventually prevail. The characterethic differs from the personality ethic, where the loudest guy in the roomwins. The character ethic is quiet, butsteadfast. It eventually wears othersdown and allows them to expose their true self.In life or in athletics.

Coach Dave Rowan has served as a pillar in the community for over 20 years.He had a dramatic impact on many athletes and students in the Perry schoolsystem. Many student athletes includingAdam owe a great amount of credit to Rowans training and teaching. He preachedhard work and instilled a work ethic in his players that is hard toreplicate. Dave was an All-Americanhimself, and many would argue one of the best coaches the state has ever seen.

Perry is a special place for athletics because of the coaches in thecommunity. They are highly skilled,qualified and dedicated. Scores ofstudent athletes have gone on to have success because of the experiences andlessons taught to them at Perry. Many doubt the role and importance ofathletics in the development of peoples lives.I believe in Adams case and others it is of the utmost importance tolearn how to work on team, be independent and self-reliant. It not only takes incredible coaching but acommunity which supports such coaches.You can learn more from athletics than you can in any classes in somecases. More about life and yourself whenyou are truly tested.

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