Life Coach in New Orleans Louisiana – Video

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21-05-2012 16:13 New Orleans Louisiana Life Coach, Burt Richard authored "Created For Success" and his no-nonsense, realistic approach is refreshing and eye opening. Not only is he a Life Coach, but a Motivational Speaker and Pastor answering some of those tough life questions like... Why am I here? What do I have to offer? Is there more to life? Inside "Created For Success", Burt reveals Success SECRETS and much more. Inside this book, you'll relate to the heart warming stories that will make you smile, laugh, and tug on your heart strings. You'll even hear an amazing story of an unplanned Life Coaching session and how it changed the life of that person...forever! Some the analogies that Burt uses, help us to understand more about who we are and how it applies to how we can understand that we are "Created For Success". Discover the Secrets of New Orleans Louisiana Life Coach Burt Richard

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Life Coach in New Orleans Louisiana - Video

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