Feeling Lonely – A Life Coach Antony Birks Video Affirmation – Life Coaching – Video

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01-02-2012 01:04 http://www.coachantony.com Feeling Lonely - A Life Coach Antony Video Affirmation - Life Coaching "I transform my feelings of loneliness into a positive state of self-awareness called Solitude - being alone without being or feeling lonely." #coachantony Challenge No. 62: "Feeling Lonely." Feeling alone, lonely and insecure - even in company - is just a learned response and can be changed over time. Write down where you could meet like-minded people, join clubs and associations and read more about self-esteem, assertiveness and overcoming shyness issues. Welcome to Life Coach Antony - Helping you, Help yourself - Life Coaching The benefits of life coaching and working with a great life coach: A great life coach allows a safe place to explain your story A great life coach helps you clearly defining exactly what it is you want and when A great life coach assists in making real, long-term structural changes in your life A great life coach lets you decide on the pace of forward looking change A great life coach empowers you and yourr decision making decisions Life Coach Antony Birks' Promise and Professionalism: A Life Coach should listen with respect and an empathetic ear A Life Coach to assist you to make forward-looking decisions and understand the consequences of that action Coach Antony will use his wisdom he has gained to further your empowerment Life Coach Antony cares - even between life coaching sessions A message from Life Coach Antony Birks: "Many people I have worked with ...

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Feeling Lonely - A Life Coach Antony Birks Video Affirmation - Life Coaching - Video

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