COACHING LIFE: The unique saboteur

Posted: June 13, 2012 at 2:23 pm

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A friend OF MINE once wrote a poem which he recited at one of my seminars.

It ended with the words, I am unique, just like you. Even in our uniqueness we have commonality. Uniqueness is a gift. It is from our uniqueness that we derive our distinctive competencies. We could all be lawyers, teachers or coaches and still avoid poisoning our spirits with feelings of inferiority that lead to jealousy and competitiveness. To put it plainly, No one can do you like you no one! It does not matter how many people carry a similar job title.

It is for this reason that I get passionate about helping others leverage their uniqueness, since so many use it as a barrier to success. We make ourselves so different from the others that we sabotage our lives as we recite one excuse after another as to why we cannot accomplish what others have.

There is a fine line between reasons and excuses and the truth is that the creative energy spent on pummeling ourselves into irrelevance could be spent noticing, celebrating and putting ourselves into productive action.

So how exactly does one sabotage oneself with their uniqueness? First, you find someone who has been as successful as you desire to be, usually in your professional field. You then launch a desire to be as successful as that person. Then you start to lay the groundwork and start feeling pretty good about what you are planning to create, but then you hit a snag. You realize that this project, career or business is going to cost you more money than you anticipated.

Now be mindful that this single factor is the reason you are experiencing a snag you are still competent and still have a deep desire to achieve your goal. But then you allow that one snag to trigger a chain reaction of limiting thoughts which sound something like this: I cant make that much money!

They are smarter than I am. It is surprising to me that they are so successful, If I did not have to work part-time, I would be better at this.

If I lived in America . . . . They have connections. I dont.

My complexion is different.

They have been in this field longer.

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COACHING LIFE: The unique saboteur

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