Being Congruent – A Life Coach Antony Birks Video Affirmation – Life Coaching – Video

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15-02-2012 03:53 Being Congruent - A Life Coach Antony Video Affirmation - Life Coaching "My daily actions are congruent with my dreams and goals." #coachantony Challenge No. 67: "Being Congruent". Consider if your daily actions are in tune with your dominant thoughts, dreams and goals? Do you prioritise 'other things' instead of taking action towards attaining your ultimate goals? Welcome to Life Coach Antony - Helping you, Help yourself - Life Coaching The benefits of life coaching and working with a great life coach: A great life coach allows a safe place to explain your story A great life coach helps you clearly defining exactly what it is you want and when A great life coach assists in making real, long-term structural changes in your life A great life coach lets you decide on the pace of forward looking change A great life coach empowers you and yourr decision making decisions Life Coach Antony Birks' Promise and Professionalism: A Life Coach should listen with respect and an empathetic ear A Life Coach to assist you to make forward-looking decisions and understand the consequences of that action Coach Antony will use his wisdom he has gained to further your empowerment Life Coach Antony cares - even between life coaching sessions A message from Life Coach Antony Birks: "Many people I have worked with have returned to have further life coaching session - even after many years. Either because they have a new challenge to work on or just for a simple reminder of ...

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Being Congruent - A Life Coach Antony Birks Video Affirmation - Life Coaching - Video

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