Beau Henderson: Helping Others Find Their RichLife

Posted: May 2, 2012 at 4:18 am

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For anyone grappling with the current state of their finances or nervously stalking their 401Ks and portfolios, Beau Hendersons approach to financial planning comes as a breath of fresh air.

It is my goal to help people move toward the definition of a fulfilled life or a rich life. I want you to have $2 million in the bank, too, dont get me wrong, he laughs, but too many times I think people are putting a cookie cutter on what they think should make you happy.

As CEO and founder of RichLife Advisors, a full-service financial planning and coaching agency, Henderson offers more than 13 years of successful financial experience on retirement income planning alongside a refreshing, authentic approach to securing not just financial wealth, but spiritual, physical, and emotional health, too.

Henderson has doubled his business twice in three years and secured more than 3,000 clients in the last 10 and while hes always experienced great success, it wasnt until he encountered two very different clients that his philosophy began to change.

One client was extremely wealthy but devastatingly unhappy and the other was a man making ends meet on a middle-class income living a happy, fulfilled life.

Thats when the flip switched for Henderson, he says. He not only wanted the true rich life for his clients, he also wanted it for himself.

Since adopting his new two-fold approach, Henderson has launched RichLife Advisors and has attracted clients and top executives from Atlanta to California.

The agency offers multiple programs to help their clients realize their financial and life goals including a weekly radio show on Saturdays called The RichLife Show and a best-selling book, The RichLife: Ten Investments for True Wealth both available at

Between his authentic approach, fresh philosophy, and experience with thousands of clients, Henderson is finding success on a whole other level for his clients, his employees and himself.

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Beau Henderson: Helping Others Find Their RichLife

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