A Life Coach Or Not A Life Coach – That Is The Question – Video

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15-01-2012 15:34 http://www.freeinfinitepossibilities.com http Do you enlist the help of a life coach or not a life coach? To enlist the help, guidance or facilitation from a life coach is a major step forwards in your personal growth and development. Importantly though you need to be clear on where it is you are at...or not at in your life. Clearly it is a personal decision to enlist the services (or not) of a Life Coach. Be clear on what you want from this experience and be sure to communicate that effectively to the life coach you choose or are considering. You are your best guide. Its important you know that...and its important they do. Make sure 'you' ask the right questions of a life coach to determine who, or what approach is right for you. Whether you decide to get assistance or guidance from a life coach, you certainly need to be mindful of the issues involved and the growth potential for you in doing so. http://www.freeinfinitepossibilities.com http://www.freeinfinitepossibilities.com

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A Life Coach Or Not A Life Coach - That Is The Question - Video

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