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Despite years of trying, you cant seem to find the love of your life. Or after years of trying and lots of money, you cant get pregnant. Or youve spent years working to pay off your student loans and theres no end in sight because you incurred more debt from a car that broke down, an unexpected surgery, and now you need to move. You landed that dream job and found it to be more of a nightmare!

What Do We Do When Our Most Desired Dreams Die?

Most professionals will say gratitude journal it away! Be grateful because you have your arms! But sometimes self-improvement can be a band-aide for the pain, if we first dont accept we have the pain. If the pain is ignored, it will haunt us eventually.

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes our dreams dying in front of us, lets us know we are on the right path. I know, we all have things we want and desire in this life, and when weve constantly pursued them to no avail, it just sucks. And you know what? Its OK to say it sucks.

Here are 4 Ways To Get Back Your Joy When Your Dreams Have Died.

I gave a talk on this concept and it startled some people. But one woman came to the talk twice and on the second time, she explained how by giving herself permission to let go of her dream career not happening fast enough, she accepted that it had died. And then later that week interviewed for a new job, although similar to her dream job but not on her radar, ended up negotiating a bigger offer than her dream job would ever pay. She thanked me for teaching her this concept because in effect, she got something better.

Accepting your dreams have died is the first step. If you are increasing your self-care because a dream died in your life, you are in good company!

Do you misspainting? Paint. Been titter totting on whether to do that yoga teachertraining? Do it. Too broke to invest in your passionsget creative. No matterhow broke you feel, budget a small portion to your dreams fund. The dreamsfund reminds you, new dreams are kindling; pursuing dreams does cost money, andsometimes when we dont have the funds to invest in ourselves, it can hurt evenmore. Think about trading services. Think about if you took a small commitmentpart time job and used that money to fund your dream. And even better, if itsin the area of your dream.

Thepain of your dreams death will be nourished with a passion project.

Sometimes we needa coach to help during the process of resurrecting our dreams or finding a newdream. A certified coach, with transformational accredited training, can helpyou unlock your own transformation rather than just give you advice. Advicefeels good sometimes if its relevant, but eventually in relationships to thosewho give advice, if you dont follow the advice, it can cause some additionalpain to the death of your dream. This is because it can lead to shame of oh Icouldnt get result like my so and so coach, I must really be bad, failure, etc.And sometimes a coach who just gives advice, wont know what to do if you cantget the same result because your situation is afterall different.

Having a coachthat is educated in true transformational coaching techniques to be a guide tohelp you unlock your new life is a good coach worth paying for. Coaching isabout you and can create some fantastic results on new dreams or even resurrectingthe ones that have died.

Investingin Your Healing of a Dreams Death, Will Help You Jumpstart Another DreamFaster

This one can invite a little fun into yourspace. By creating a creative vision for your home, even if you live in astudio, use a corner of the room, you can have your this is where I create mybest life space. Creating your best life space is not living in a penthouse.Or if you already live in a penthouse good for you! Dedicate a room to yourinspiration station.

The idea is sometimes to resurrect ourdreams or move past the pain of them dying, we need a space to dream again. Tofeel good again. Clear the clutter of the space. Add white holiday lights to iteven if it isnt the holidays. Make it a place that lights up your soul andstart there. It can help you grow the conditions for inevitable success whereyou get to welcome your dream or a better dream on a daily basis.

Aninspiration station becomes a physical space reminder that you are living foryour dreams rather than dwelling on that your most desired dream died.

An honorable mention:If your dream was a person, like aspouse that passes, a divorce, or a breakup, or for some of you, just didntget a yes to the date you desired, acknowledge the beauty of the pain that youloved or liked this person, whether you were super close or loved at adistance. Its never a crime in loving someone, no matter how long or short.Write a letter to them (that you may or may not send), and bring closure toyour feelings for them. It could be one paragraph or a novel, but the joy of havingloved them will bring you some peace. In the event of spousal death, find ananchor to remember them by, of the love you shared, not the end result. If youbroke up or got denied a date, write the letter and consider whether to send itif applicable. All emotions are welcome as long as it doesnt hurt you orothers. When we deny feeling our emotions, they come back to haunt us, evenwhen we are intentional on being mindful.

These are some unique ways to consider how to approach your wellness when your desired dream(s) have died, whether temporarily or permanently. Who knows? Something better might be around the corner today!

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